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The American Street: "I hope the other 49 states follow suit."

World Wide Pablo: "An interesting and auspicious trend" ... "lively and varied reading, a breadth of local voices only hinted at before" ... "Can it be, a la Star Trek: The Next Generation, that 'resistance is futile'?"

About it All: "One of the more depressing things about BlueOregon is that their automated newsfeed seems to better at finding oregon stories then I am in my hourly searches."

My Whim is Law: "There's a new blog in town that promises to be quite the happening place."

The Oregon Blog: " 24 hours and Randy Leonard's already in the house--with six comments! So is Jack Bogdanski, the now reclusive Blogfather. Call that an exclusive."

Portland Communique: "They certainly appear to have something of an all-star cast of contributors..."

Isaac Laquedem: "I was delighted to be asked to join in, and did so this morning, though I don't think I could be considered a progressive unless the definition also includes, say, Calvin Coolidge."

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