Gay Rights Watch

Over at the blog Gay Rights Watch, Bryan Harding is keeping on eye on the progress - or lack thereof - of Senate Bill 1000...

Anyone else wondering what the situation is in Salem with SB1000? I know I am. It seems as though there has been yet another delay on the SB1000 vote. The bill has been sent back to a committee for minor adjustments, but is expected to be ready to go very soon.

...and he's calling for some action...

If the floor vote does not happen by Wednesday, then we need to stop being the passive, nice gays and lesbians and voice our opinions LOUD. I mean REALLY LOUD. I want you all to prepare to rally hard. WE WILL NOT GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT. We have been trampled over too many times and we WILL NOT let it happen again without making it clear that we will never stand for this again.

Head on over to Gay Rights Watch and discuss.


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