Derrick Kitts vs. David Wu?

Derrick KittsOver at NW Republican, they're claiming that "little birds" are telling them that State Rep. Derrick Kitts is going to challenge Congressman David Wu.

I have known Rep. Kitts since before he was elected. He said all the right things then and from what I am told, has only grown better in office. He is going to be a target by the left, yet I think he can pull it off with some work. He is young, energetic and is a good fit for his district.

This is the same Derrick Kitts that ranked dead last in the WW's "Good, Bad, Awful" survey of capitol insiders. He was also named a Rogue of the Week.


  • Rorovitz (unverified)

    Wow. How many DUI's does it take to make you inelligible to run?

    I thought most folks waited to get the drinking problem until after they got into congress. If I was an R in Wash Co, I'd go for Bruce Starr.

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    Wu should only be so lucky to have Derrick as his opponent. We would also benefit by having another shot at his Oregon House seat. He is the proverbially bad boy who has gotten by because the press pays so little attention to local politics and people in his district don't read newspapers enough. A congressional campaign would change all of that.

  • The Ghost of Chandra Levy (unverified)

    How many victims of sexual assault will it take before Democrats drop Wu like the savage that he is? I mean come on, putting a pillow in a woman's face to stop her from screaming as he assaulted her? How does he sleep at night? Besides, nobody likes him anyway. Why not find a better D to take his place. As far as I'm concerned, he's a disgrace. He should be ashamed of himself.

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    You'd be surprised how many sitting Congressmen have stuff like that on their records.

    Actually, I hope it's Kitts. If Wu hasn't yet moved beyond the statute of limitations for that horrible mistake he made in college, then neither does Kitts get a pass for the horrible mistakes he's still making way after college. Hurting a young woman is brutal, but nowhere near as brutal as it would potentially be if Kitts got liquored up AGAIN and smashed into a family of 3...

    Bring it. Just bring it.

  • sasha (unverified)

    John Dunagan: what a classic!

    Sexually assaulting a woman is not as bad as getting a DUI?

    Don't get me wrong, I think Kitts is a dumbell, but to just shrug off sexual assault- unbelieveable.

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    the "rapist" charge worked so well in 2004, didn't it? might as well drag it out again. of course, they have the problem of wu confessing him mistake and the woman forgiving him. makes it hard to demonize -- as his pathetic opponent found out last year.

    the voters had their say on wu's character, and now they'll have their say on kitts'.

  • Simp (unverified)

    I never have liked Wu. Can't believe we can't find someone more suitable than he.

    Here is a petty anecdote about him:

    While in college, I used to wait tables at a very nice restaurant in town. Wu was a member of a private club associated with the restaurant. When members dined there, they just had to sign the bill and automatic 15% gratuity was added in before it was closed out. Wu was one of a handful of members that would go out of his way to write in a lesser tip. When in a good mood he would leave us with 10% and we considered ourselves lucky.... as I'm sure he did as well. He was mostly cordial but obviously held the service staff in contempt, which really reared its head when he was entertaining guests.

  • PanchoPdx (unverified)

    A rapist and a lousy tipper?

    Oh well, just as long as he doesn't joke around about affirmative action categories...

  • (Show?)

    I'm not a fan of Wu either. His voting record in the House this term has been abyssmal, in my view. But Derrik Kitts? Yeesh. I don't want that clown representing me either.

    We can't do better than these two?

  • Winston Wolfe (unverified)

    I see an opportunity for Oregon to make national news again.

    First: Oregon attempts to let former prostitutes to become teachers.

    Second: Meth addicted Legislator has an affair with a janitor and a news reporter, gets run down by jealous girlfriend and then triples her moms salary right before she is forced to resign in shame (it’s so wickedly delicious).

    And now: Two Oregonians compete to be the sleaziest member of Congress.

    Kitts vs. Wu:

    Mugs and Jugs vs. Mugs on Jugs!

    A battle even Don King wouldn't get involved in.

    It makes me so happy to call Oregon my home!

  • pdx dem (unverified)

    Wu has made some very poor judgements in his past I would agree. However I think electing an idiot like Kitts is dangerous to oregon!

  • Dan (unverified)

    "Two Oregonians compete to be the sleaziest member of Congress"

    Um, ever heard of Tom deLay?

    Wu is minor league sleazy compared to others. Which isn't to say he should get a pass. District 1 deserves better, which isn't Derrick Kitts. Where's a Democrat who'll take on Wu?

  • pdx dem (unverified)

    I would totally vote for a dem that was able to take on wu and win but I will never vote for anyone with an R infront of their name. Republicans have shown me a few things they are good at. The ability to lie cheat and steal plus kill. So my vote will go with wu untill another canidate arrives.

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    how does something Wu did years ago, when he was in college, make him sleazy today? because he did not announce it when he first ran for congress? gosh, that's sleazy: don't reveal the lowest, ugliest point of your life. the woman in question has forgiven him; she's moved on, so maybe other people ought to as well. if you don't like his present service, fine. if you're angry that he did something awful years ago and didn't tell you, then go see a shrink and find out why you are so upset. it's not Wu's problems; it's yours.

  • Sid Leader (unverified)

    Well, Kooky Kitts certainly has locked up the tweaker vote and the drunken loser votes... which only leaves the sober, educated people of Washington County voting for Wu.

    Should be close.

  • Anybody but Wu (unverified)

    Wu's behavior in local restaurants and bars (and those in DC) is far worse than just being a lousy tipper who treats wait staff poorly. He abuses alcohol and has "friendly hands" with any women in close proximity. His inappropriate behavior with women would shame Bob Packwood. Let's quit apologizing for David Wu and find a solid Democrat we can be proud of to represent us in Congress. Wu makes Kitts look like a choir boy.

  • Actually a Democrat (unverified)

    Blue Oregon seems to have become a great place for Republican Troll's or hollier than thou liberals who want the perfect democrat in a swing district. Wu messed up in college, answered for it at the time and when it came up in election. We all seem to pretend to know a lot more about a situation from which the Oregonian had only third-hand sources. But many of you seem to know much more than the Oregonian.

    It seems as though the Friends of Derek Kitts are well represented on Blue Oregon or the Democrats here believe that lining up your firing squad in a circle is still the best way to go.

    David Wu may not be perfect, but who in the Oregon Delegation is? Even Blumenauer (in one of the most liberal districts in the country) once voted for the Defense of Marriage Act. Wu voted against the War in Iraq and against the Patriot Act both times, but no, he's not perfect. It's time to grow up people.


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