Senator Ted Ferrioli (R) joins Wayne Scott in pushing around lobbyists

On Friday, the Oregonian reported that Senator Ted Ferrioli is using the political muscle and leverage of the GOP House majority to threaten discourage lobbyists from supporting Democrats.

In an e-mail this week, Ferrioli reminds lobbyists and other players that “more than at any other time in our history” the caucus is coordinating campaigns and sharing information with House leaders, and “taking a personal interest” in individual races.

“This cooperation will pay real dividends during the session and beyond,” he writes. “It is sometimes difficult to stand with your friends and be counted but it is the most important element of our work together. Loyalty is a highly valued characteristic and we will not forget those who were steadfast and resolute when the pressure was greatest.”

It's tough when you can't count on the correctness of your ideas, and the passion of your supporters, to carry the day - and instead must put the heat on campaign contributors.


  • Jamie (unverified)

    Loyalty is a highly valued characteristic...

    Of course he means loyalty to his party... not loyalty to the people of Oregon.

  • Fire Chief (unverified)

    This speaks for it self and is why all Americans must unite together to elect “True Progressive Democrats” Now is the time not next year or next month. We must stand together and demand real change. We must be strong, bold and not be afraid to speak up. Say what is on your mind don’t go along with others just because it is the right thing to say politically.

    When Americans look back they will see that B$SH was the worst “President” ever elected in our countries history. We can say one thing in defense though and that is we the people did not elect this corrupt, lying, miss leading criminal that we have to call President. He stole the election, which is why he is stealing our future, our children’s future and their children’s future.

    This say’s it all

    NOW is the time to unite, stand proud, speak up, and vote. Vote for “True Progressive Candidates” support all the candidates any way you can. Money is not the only way to support candidates who will fight for us and take back our country. We can encourage our family, friends and coworkers to make sure they vote in the primaries as well as the general election. We can make phone calls, email, and nock on doors or simply send $20 to help support our candidates who will truly represent the people.

    Carl Sheeler is such a candidate from RI He has the vision, passion, integrity, and is not afraid to speak up for the people. Carl will defend our constitution and fight for all Americans.

    If you have a candidate like Carl please send me their link so I may add it to my blogging for “True Progressive Candidates”

  • Joe T. (unverified)

    So much of this has come to light because of our new Republican friends Sen. Starr and Rep. Backlund. How would you like to be Senator Starr and Rep. Backlund today? We all know what offensive positions they took while members of the legislature:

    Gay Rights


    Now look at the PR problems Starr and Backlund have created for their former friends.

    In May Starr campaigns far to the right of his opponent, yet he still loses. Then he lashed out trying to get back at those who beat him in May, but only create PR problems for the very right-wing Republicans leaders that helped him and gave him money for his primary campaign.

    Then the only people who may have something to gain by being nice to him (the Democrats), Starr calls them liars.... stating that he was misled.

    Now the media is taking shots at Wayne Scott and Ted Ferrioli (see also the Statesman Journal today), the two guys that helped fund Starr and Backlund in their primary challenges, and everyone one looks bad on their side.

    Politics can be so fun.

  • (Show?)

    Wayne Scott is the Tom Delay of Oregon. This story needs to get out into the MSM, because it is the same script that Tom Delay used to gain power and corrupt Washington. We know that Scott is strong arming lobbyists that want to support some pro-business Democratic candidates and are being told they "can't" by Scott. This is the the start of true corruption in Oregon politics and will lead eventually to the same end it has in Washington DC.

  • Levon (unverified)

    This isn't news. What would be news is if the Democrats did the same thing.

    It's time to play hardball with the lobby and to be more aggressive than these Tony Soprano wannabes.

    Democrats should play hardball for a change. Stop whining and start intimidating!

  • Different Salem Staffer (unverified)

    Umm... Levon? Do you think the Democrats haven't already been walking that fine line between legal and illegal when it comes to putting pressure on lobbyists, consultants, staff, and even their own elected members? (One thing about the Dems... they're not obvious about it like the Republicans. They use finesse.)

    Both parties are guilty of these kinds of ethics, so it's kind of a wash. I vote Dem and support Dems because the policy is better, but I think it's a waste of time calling the kettle black.

  • Troy (unverified)

    DSS is straight up correct--- but considering the way the political game is rigged in favor of lobbyists, you don't have much of a choice if you want to win. Therefore, taking the power of the lobbyists away should be the goal of the grass/net roots. Until the rules are changed, the game will remain the same with most changes being cosmetic at best.

  • Wayne Scott (unverified)
    <h2>I did not threaten anyone. I just told all the lobby if I saw them there I would be forced to eat them. I'm hungry.</h2>
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