Karen Minnis & her trip to Israel

Apparently, Maui isn't the only place that lobbyists send legislators for R&R. It seems that the same lobbyist that organized the Lobbyist Luau helped organize a trip for Speaker Karen Minnis to Israel.

And yes, Ms. Minnis failed to report it. Quoth the Oregonian:

Minnis, R-Wood Village, said she mistakenly assumed she had reported a nine-day trip last fall to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and upper Galilee, estimated at $4,000. ... "I thought it was on there, and I was appalled that it's not," Minnis said. "I'm just embarrassed that it isn't."

Of course, she wasn't able to use the Wayne Scott excuse -- "If (Romain) didn't provide me something saying I exceeded that (amount), I assumed it was under the limit."

Why not? Because the trip's sponsor did send her the paperwork.

Charles R. Schiffman, the [Portland Jewish Federation's] executive vice president, said his group organizes trips frequently and sometimes takes public officials. He said the group sends a letter stating the value of the trip so it can be reported.

She just forgot. Oops!


Elsewhere: Terry Olson asks, "Does anyone buy Karen Minnis' explanation for her failure to report a $4000 trip to Israel last fall? ... If I weren't so polite, I'd call it for what it is --a "crock" and bull story." Also, it's covered by Rob Salzman at About It All Oregon

  • BlueNote (unverified)

    I am not not as up to date on political theory and practice as most of you, but I was wondering what good it does the Portland Jewish Federation or the state of Israel to bribe - oops, I meant lobby - Karen Minnis?

  • Anonymous (unverified)

    That fact is, when you are dealing with a party that places winning above hustling young boys, Conservative voters don't give a damn about these sorts of scandles. "It's God's Will", afterall.

    Minnis will win and thanks to Kulongkoski, so will Saxton. So, while the nation has a hope of shifting back to the middle, Oregon will shift far to the right. Bye bye any hope of gay rights, medical coverage for anyone that can't afford it and public schools. Not only that, oddly... once Saxton fires all of the state workers, illegal aliens will be working for most state bueaucracies because Saxton will want to pay them minimum wage or less. Ironic, isn't it?

  • RodAvlas (unverified)

    Why did the Oregonian bury the story on page B3, when everything else related to the scandal was front-paged?

  • Zak J. (unverified)

    "I thought it was on there, and I was appalled that it's not," Minnis said.

    We're all appalled, Karen.

    Here's the deal: the Republican national fundraising machine is an innerconnected web of contacts that ensures the national party gives enough money to new faces or possible "rising stars" to make sure it owns them. Saxton's money, Minnis's money--it all comes at the price of independence and their right to think.

    That's why a vote for any Republican for any office right down to dog-catcher is a vote for George Bush and the incredibly corrupt institutions known as the GOP and RNC. It doesn't matter if an individual Republican politician somehow shows he or she has a conscience--they are bought and sold by their party leadership, which shows no hint of morals, ethics, or good taste.

  • Comme Ça (unverified)

    Amen, Zak.

  • Tejas (unverified)

    Any reason why these folks did not receive a 1099 for these trips. I am going to contact the IRS and Oregon Department of Revenue to see what the rules are. The bottom line is the trip have a value over $600, and on the surface, I think a 1099 would be proper.

    <h2>You enter a raffle for a cruise. You win, and the value is over $600, you should be getting a 1099.</h2>
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