Breaking: Wyden Calls for Mandated Redeployment

Senator Ron Wyden announced today that he will co-sponsor the Feingold-Reid amendment that calls for mandated redeployment of Iraqi troops, beginning immediately:

The amendment would require that troops in Iraq be immediately transitioned to force protection, counter-terrorism and training of Iraqi forces. Any troops not engaged in those missions would then redeployed no later than March 31, 2008.

Senator Wyden was one of the 23 Senators who originally voted against the Iraq War resolution in 2002 and continues to oppose it.

In his statement, Wyden said (sorry, no link):

“For more than four years, the Bush administration has been telling the American people that conditions in Iraq would change.  They have, but for the worse.  Today it is up to Congress to let the President and his administration know that using our nation’s heroic men and women in uniform to police a civil war is not acceptable. The Bush administration’s mishandling of the war has left Congress with no good choices.  But the road to peace is found in diplomacy, not the continued escalation of violence.”


  • Faolan (unverified)

    Yay Ronnie! Woot!

    Glad to see this. Ron has made some pretty bad calls in the past (IMHO of course) but he has overall been a good Senator and this makes me happy to call him my Senator.

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    I've posted an item over on the Stand Tall for America blog, and invited folks to tell Ron what they think.

  • Bill Bodden (unverified)

    Good first step. Now let's take it to the next level. IMPEACHMENT.

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    Looks like Obama's supporting it, too.

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    Good to hear. Hopefully he will help wrangle fellow Senators like Carl Levin to abandon their capitulation Bills and sign on to Feingold-Reid, and if need be, use the nuclear option to get it passed.

    Though how they will get to 67 votes to overturn a Bush veto is the miracle we need.

  • Michael Wilson (unverified)

    Just get the hell out. Now! Bring 'em all home. MW

  • Garrett (unverified)

    Good for Wyden. I think its a great idea. I'd prefer Dems to put realistic options on the table instead of wasting their time on impeachment hearings and worthless bills that are DOA. This is a bill that Bush would have to defend vetoing. That is exactly what we need. More bills that Bush has to spend a lot of time explaining why he vetoed it.

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