Unlike Colleagues, Gordon Smith Won't Return Larry Craig's Money

Not only has Gordon Smith refused to call for Larry Craig's resignation, he's also reaping some serious rewards from the scandal. At Loaded Orygun, James X. describes the often-tainted contributors to Smith's campaign coffers:

You can put just about any DC crook's name in an OpenSecrets search and find Gordon Smith's name right beside it. Jack Abramoff, Ted Stevens, Larry Craig, try anyone. And while other candidates return or donate tainted money, Gordon Smith does not. Norm Coleman, Susan Collins, John Sununu, they all gave back Larry Craig's money. Gordon Smith? Not so much.

With Craig's impending resignation, some serious money will also be coming Smith's way from Craig's lobbyist friends:

But that's not all! Larry Craig is the gift that keeps on giving money to Gordon Smith. We now learn that in the wake of this toilet cruising conviction, Gordon Smith will inherit all of Larry Craig's industry friends. From mining to Monsanto, Gordon Smith has hit the Earth-corrupting jackpot.

I say, take the money and keep it, Gordon. Because I can't wait for it to bite you. I foresee an ad beginning...

2002: Pfizer gives Gordon $10,000.
2005: Gordon gives Pfizer $11 BILLION.
It's 2008: Who's buying Gordon now?

Discuss over at Loaded Orygun.


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