So-called "Democrats for Smith" jumping off the ship

In April, Gordon Smith announced a list of "Democrats for Smith" that were endorsing his re-election.

DebbiebooneBut today, there's news that Rep. Debbie Boone (D-Cannon Beach) has abandoned her support of Gordon Smith, and is endorsing Jeff Merkley instead.

Boone, who is prominently featured on the home page of, had this to say - in a statement posted at

Jeff has an unmatched ability to bring together Democrats and Republicans – liberals, conservatives and everyone in between – to make a real difference in then lives of Oregonians. ... He is dedicated to making Oregon a better place to live and work, and he has demonstrated the kind of leadership Oregon needs in the U.S. Senate.

Because of Jeff's leadership, the legislature had the most productive session in three decades ... We put more state troopers on Oregon roads for the first time in sixteen years and we reinvested in public education. Those are no small accomplishments, and they wouldn't have been possible without Jeff leading the way.

How soon before more "Democrats for Smith" (which aren't actually all Democrats) extract themselves from his losing campaign?

Read the rest. Discuss.

Update: Ridenbaugh Press analyzes Rep. Boone's move.

There are other Democrats on the Democrats for Smith group, but Boone’s departure seriously thins the ranks of officials elected as such. The announcement of the group in 2002 (then at a key juncture in the race) may have had some impact that year. Barring a fresh infusion, it seems less likely to have as much effect this time.
  • Ben (unverified)

    By Boone switching her support it really does hurt Smith more than if she had never endorsed Smith.

    So in a very weird way Boone helped the Democrats more than she hurt them.

    I just wish she would have done sooner.

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    How many other legislators were in "Democrats for Smith?" I confess that I never paid much attention to them.

    I'm sure that they are very grateful to Jeff for his role in getting them into the majority, and he and his people will be working assiduously to flip them one at a time. That's smart. I'm sure that every single one will earn a dedicated thread here on BlueO too. %^>

  • Bill R. (unverified)

    It would be helpful if prominent Dems like Elizabeth Furse and Avel Gordly would repudiate their '02 endorsement of Smith and point out what a Bush lackey Gordon Smith has been.

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    Stephanie, the only other current legislator on the list is Senator Avel Gordly -- who isn't a Democrat, actually.

    Bill, both Senator Gordly and Congresswoman Furse actually repeated their endorsement for 2008. Of course, Gordly isn't a Democrat.

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    Oh, and Stephanie... let's be clear: if a Democrat for Smith endorses Steve Novick, that'll get a post here too. Can there be any argument that a de-endorsement of Smith isn't news?

  • James X. (unverified)

    That ad on the Dems for Smith website has to be just embarrassing for Furse. And Avel Gordly is not a Democrat.

  • James X. (unverified)

    Hm, I spoke too soon (or late), apparently. I will just be embarrassed on Furse's behalf, then.

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    Can there be any argument that a de-endorsement of Smith isn't news?

    I certainly didn't mean to suggest that, and it's GOOD news, of course.

    But it is interesting to reflect on the meaning of "news judgment" in an environment of advocacy.

  • James X. (unverified)

    Man, I'd completely forgotten that Lonnie Roberts was a Democrat. This is a funny list. Tim Boyle, Columbia Sportswear president, donates thousands to Mitt Romney, Gordon Smith, AHCA and KPMG. I assume Thomas Bruner is not the Texan who donates to Bush and the RNC. Some of the others seem to donate to anybody in power, Democrat or Republican. Jordan Schnitzer, for example, donates to Republican Walden as well as Democrat Blumenauer. He donated both to Democrat Wu and his Republican opponent, Goli Ameri. Republican Gordon Smith and Democrat Ron Wyden. Bush is the only presidential candidate he's given to, and he's also given to Lieberman. So, I would say these are not the most committed of Democrats, here.

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    Shouldn't it be Democrat for Smith, singular? Or is there another one who has backed off?

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    I assume Thomas Bruner is not the Texan who donates to Bush and the RNC.

    I assume that the Thomas Bruner on that list is the one who is the executive director of the local Red Cross.

  • DAN GRADY (unverified)


    95% voting record for the Neo-Con agenda, while those in both parties that are diametrically opposed to elements of the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, and the Domestic Spying in violation of the FISA laws are enough, yet this Senator has been the hand-maiden of policies that do little else than dismantle good governance for privatization to political allies in return for power! The dismantling of Democracy in direct violation of his oath of office!

    We now have that coalition of "He's so nice, and his son committed suicide" vote jumping ship as though they had to wait for the rest of the nation to be up to their nose in cold water! Better late the never I suppose, yet I'll give them no kudos for their change of mind, since that seems to be the part of the anatomy they chose to turn off to support the abomination to begin with.

    I support Jeff Merkley for the U.S. Senate! I would have loved to seem Mr. Bradbury re-run, yet I see Mr. Merkley as a strong alternative, a winner. I just don't wish to break out the party favors for those who would join the mob whenever they are asked to use the heads, and ends up joining the wolves in sheep’s clothing as often as not!

    I see these types of organizations as little more than the "choir of weaklings" harping in when the bullies pick on the outnumbered truth speaker. The Fox News watchers, the Reaganites that vilified the Clintons for sport, and believed whatever lie they were fed!

    Happy to have the sheep in the truck, but don't expect that I would drive to the pasture instead of the slaughter house, that would depend on the season, and the price of mutton!

    Happy Thoughts;

    Dan Grady

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