Jeff Alworth

Jeff Alworth's mother fled her ancestral clan in eastern Oregon for the lights of the big city - Boise - robbing Jeff of his Oregon birthright. He addresses this inadequacy with prodigious displays of flannel and beer drinking. Jeff hosted Notes on the Atrocities and the Oregon Blog since January 2003 - which he retired to work on Blue Oregon. Jeff is a freelance writer and a researcher at Portland State University in the Graduate School of Social Work. An entirely different constituency knows him for his enthusiasm about beer.

November 30, 2004Objectivity
November 22, 2004Greg Walden Update
November 18, 2004Greg Walden and the DeLay Rule
November 17, 2004Blazers
November 16, 2004Beer News
November 12, 2004The GOP Machine: A Blueprint
November 09, 2004Ashcroft News
November 04, 2004Congrats to Oregon's Dems
November 01, 2004Election News, One Day Remaining
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October 30, 2004Election News, 3 Days Out
October 29, 2004Election News, 4 Days Out
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October 27, 2004Sox!
October 27, 2004Election News, 6 Days Out
October 26, 2004Election News, 7 Days Out
October 22, 2004Is Ameri Embarrassed by Her Own Attack Ad?
October 19, 2004Newpaper Endorsements
October 18, 2004Journalistic Ethics
October 11, 2004New GOP Ad
September 22, 2004Breaking News - Nader Update
September 21, 2004Incomes Down
September 17, 2004Who's Good for Small Businesses?
September 15, 2004Abdur-Rahim for Kidd?
September 10, 2004How to Read a Poll
September 09, 2004Breaking News: Nader on the Ballot
September 08, 2004Go Register to Vote
September 08, 2004Oregon vs. Pennsylvania
September 02, 2004The Fading Economy
August 30, 2004Say It Ain't So
August 27, 2004Political News Roundup
August 24, 2004Greens on the Ballot
August 22, 2004Rain
August 18, 2004The Gentle Badger Smiles
August 16, 2004Death With Dignity Upheld
August 13, 2004Conversations at the Portland Kerry Rally
August 12, 2004Busted!
August 11, 2004The (Further) Annals of Ralph
August 11, 2004Around the Horn
August 02, 2004Oregon Versus the Feds
July 29, 2004Wow
July 27, 200499 Years Ago
July 22, 2004Insiders' Guide to the OBF
July 20, 2004Breaking News from the Zephyr
July 19, 2004Pop Quiz
July 17, 2004The Annals of Ralph

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