Take Action: Stop Big Business Giveaways!

Session after session, the Oregon Legislature has made stealthy contributions to business interests. But these giveaways come at a steep price to the Oregon budget, and these subsidies don't always bring the promised benefits.

Right now, the Legislature is poised for another giant giveaway - the "Industrial Lands Readiness" program. It's outrageous.

BlueOregon is partnering with Tax Fairness Oregon to blow the whistle. Sign our petition today to tell legislators: STOP THE BIG BUSINESS GIVEAWAYS.

SB 246A will make it the state's responsibility to pay the debt on getting land ready for industrial development. These costs belong to land owners, businesses, developers, and local jurisdictions. Never before have they been the responsibility of the state!

Under SB 246A, the state could pick up 100% of the costs of everything from buying land to building sidewalks. All to benefit big business, while schools and vital services continue to feel the budget squeeze.

Sign our petition TODAY and tell our legislators to vote NO on SB 246A.

Let's use Oregon's taxpayer dollars to fund schools, pay for emergency and health services and other vital needs -- NOT MORE BIG BUSINESS GIVEAWAYS.

Jody Wiser
Tax Fairness Oregon
Carla Axtman
BlueOregon Action

To the Oregon Legislature:

Please say no to big business tax giveaways. The "Industrial Land Readiness" program is nothing but a tax subsidy that will drain funding from schools and vital services. We urge you to oppose SB 246A.

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