Sponsoring BlueOregon Action

Since 2004, BlueOregon has been one of the premier state-level political blogs in the country. Every day, we bring together Oregon's vibrant progressive activist community to chat around the water cooler about the issues of the day. And as a result, we get plenty of attention from elected officials, lobbyists, advocates, and media.

Now, BlueOregon Action makes it possible to mobilize that community through online activism.

In addition to petitions and campaigns organized by the editors of BlueOregon, we're offering two distinct opportunities to outside advocacy organizations and political campaigns. We'll help you scale up your email list - and help you rapidly find new supporters, activists, and donors.

Get the details below and contact BlueOregon Action when you're ready to chat.

Sponsored Petitions

With sponsored petitions, we'll host a petition for you right here at BlueOregon - and encourage our readers to join your cause. Sponsored petitions cost just $2 per email signed up, with a $1000 minimum, and run for up to three weeks on BlueOregon.

Promotional efforts will include:

  • High-profile placement on the home page and throughout the site (in rotation with other current actions.)

  • A dedicated sponsored email to the BlueOregon Action email list.

  • A banner ad in the BlueOregon weekly newsletter.

  • A sponsored guest column on BlueOregon.

  • 2-3 Facebook posts and tweets (on launch and near deadline)

Partnership Petitions

When you run a partnership petition with BlueOregon, it's a win/win for both BlueOregon and your organization.

We'll do all the promotional efforts listed above. But with partnerships, you do your own promotion as well - driving your supporters to the BlueOregon Action page. For every new email address that signs the petition and opts-in to BlueOregon Action, you'll get one in return, at no cost. You only pay for those emails over and above that amount.

Is my cause appropriate for BlueOregon Action?

Probably. Here's what we're looking for -- issues that are clearly progressive, bring together (rather than divide) the progressive community, and where online activism will be heard by decision-makers.

No, we won't take on every campaign. We reserve the right to say, "Hey, that's not really right for BlueOregon." Have an idea you're still not sure about? Let's talk!

Ready to get started?

Whether you know exactly what your campaign is about, or whether you'd like some help brainstorming, we can help you get started. Just send a note to Kari Chisholm and we'll start nailing down the details.

Note: In order to maximize effectiveness, we limit sponsored and partnership petitions to four per month. So get in touch right away if you're interested and we'll hold a spot for you.