Tell Dennis Richardson to stay out of our medical decisions

Dennis Richardson believes that Oregonians are incapable of making our own decisions around abortion or even birth control. He's tried to force government-mandated parental notification, completely disregarding the potential harm to young women in abusive homes. He's even voted against sex education.

No. That's not how we do things here.

Oregon leads the nation in protecting reproductive freedom. Let's keep it that way.

Sign the petition NOW and tell Dennis Richardson that we expect him to stay out of our personal lives.

Jill Wantland
NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon
Carla Axtman
BlueOregon Action

State Representative Dennis Richardson:

Oregon women deserve better than a candidate who wants to end a woman’s right to choose.

They deserve better than someone willing to put teens in danger through government-mandated parental notification, no matter what.

And they certainly deserve better than someone who votes repeatedly against better health care and reproductive freedom for women.

We, the undersigned, believe that your views are way too extreme for Oregon -- especially someone who wants to be Governor.

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