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The purpose of sponsorship advertising on BlueOregon is to connect our audience of progressive, motivated Oregonians to campaigns, companies, and causes that matter to them. In addition, it helps us defray some of our expenses.

We use, which makes advertising easy, fast, and self-serve.

There are several options, but a standard ad (image + text) with sponsor placement is just $50 a week.

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Sponsor ads

Sponsor ads rotate amongst the other ads, below the premium spot. Create and buy a sponsor ad.

Sponsor ad options:

Premium Sponsor ads

The premium sponsors ad (only one available at a time) guarantees top placement. Create and buy a premium ad.

Premium ad options:

For both Sponsor and Premium placement, flash and video ads are available at a slightly higher cost. Also, don't miss the discount for buying a full month or more.

Need help with producing your ad? If you need graphic design help, contact BlueOregon publisher Kari Chisholm. We'll produce your ad at no cost, if your buy is for one month or more.

Sponsor the Weekly Email

In addition to advertising on the site, BlueOregon also distributes a weekly email to nearly 5000 subscribers - with headlines from BlueOregon.

That email, which is delivered at the end of each week (Thursday or Friday morning), includes just one ad - ensuring high visibility for your message. The ad can either be the standard blog ad (160x200 image + 300 char text) or a "wide skyscraper" internet ad (up to 160x600 image).

To advertise in the weekly BlueOregon email, contact BlueOregon publisher Kari Chisholm to reserve your spot.

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