Carla Hanson

Carla "KC" Hanson describes herself as a CalavadaKansaGonian: Western raised, Midwestern educated and Oregon politicized. KC's Oregon political immersion began shortly after her arrival; she jumped into LGBT activism in the early 90's when the Oregon Citizen's Alliance was attacking all things gay. The spectacle of the GW Bush selection and escalating tragedy of his administration moved KC to Democratic Party involvement in late 2003. KC is former chair of the Multnomah County Democrats, (2008-2013), and is the current Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon LGBT Caucus. She firmly believes in the power of local, grassroots energy.

June 18, 2017PRIDE-ish
October 02, 2016M. 96: Helping Oregon Vets get the Services they have Earned
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April 27, 2011Bullets Through the Wall
October 28, 2008Measure 65: A no-win scenario
February 09, 2007Oregon Sports Action Laid to Rest

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