Nick Wirth

Our first Fellow, Nick Wirth came to Oregon from Minnesota in 2005 to attend Lewis and Clark College. There, he founded and was President of the College Democrats. In 2006, he helped organize a statewide youth organizing campaign for the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, and in 2008 he worked on Kurt Schrader's congressional campaign. He graduated from Lewis and Clark in 2009 with a BA in Political Science, and currently lives in Portland.

November 12, 2009Beyond Yes and No
November 07, 2009Schrader To Vote In Favor Of HR3962
October 15, 2009On Filling Vacancies
September 30, 2009Schrader and Wu Push for a Public Option
June 12, 2009The Vote Against HB3405
April 19, 2008Welcome to the Jungle
November 26, 2007A Question for the SOS Candidates
October 25, 2007Steve Novick at Lewis and Clark College
October 21, 2007Jeff Merkley Visits Lewis and Clark College
October 16, 2007The Fairness of Measure 50

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