Brendan Deiz

Brendan Deiz is a student at Pomona College in Southern California. He spent the summer of 2006 doing the Politicorps program with the Oregon Bus Project and has worked with various other political/social groups in Oregon.

June 22, 2011Pop music's hidden messages
January 24, 2011Orange Alert Day
June 23, 2010Government Control
April 22, 2010Ayn Rand
April 05, 2010Ratzinger
March 22, 2010Tea Party
March 19, 2010Experts agree
August 25, 2008RUSSIA!!!!
August 21, 2008Invading is soooo 20th century
September 24, 2007PC Fascists
August 31, 2007Bush environmentalist
August 28, 2007ADD
February 06, 2006New Budget
February 06, 2006Well-thought-out protests
December 26, 2005better watch out
December 20, 2005katrina comic, a bit late
December 19, 2005rights to privacy? bah!
May 31, 2005Love Your Neighbor
May 24, 2005Nuclear Option 2
May 24, 2005Nuclear Option 1
May 19, 2005newsweek
May 04, 2005bolton
April 18, 2005Boom!
April 04, 2005New Budget
March 29, 2005State-Controlled Media
March 10, 2005negroponte
February 16, 2005compassionate conservative?
February 01, 2005Fear Speech
January 18, 2005option B
January 18, 2005option A
January 03, 2005Media Downhill
December 21, 2004Rummy
December 12, 2004If Jesus were here today...
November 28, 2004pro-life
November 21, 2004checks and balances
November 12, 2004homies
November 09, 2004Gun Rights
November 04, 2004Love Affair of Church and State
November 01, 2004Hypocrisy

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