Cody Hoesly

No matter where Cody goes, he's always glad to come back home to Oregon. Cody lives in Portland and has an identical twin brother.

April 29, 2012Vote for Ellen Rosenblum for Attorney General
January 27, 2010The Measure 67 Undervote
July 01, 2009Framing a Great Idea
January 19, 2009Was it okay for Sam Adams to lie?
January 11, 2009An exciting time for the law
May 11, 2008Regime Change
April 07, 2008Kroger vs. Macpherson at the Downtown Library
January 25, 2008A Time Limit for Initiative Signature Gathering
April 30, 2007Hunger Awareness --> Action?
February 06, 2007A Tax on Parking Spots?
October 23, 2006Trick or Vote
July 23, 2006Filthy Funds for FreedomWorks
July 17, 2006Democracy Alliance Alive and Kicking
July 12, 2006Frightening News
June 12, 2006A Progressive Contract with America
May 06, 2006Bunco Kelly Rides Again
April 13, 2006Journalistic Integrity & the O
April 10, 2006A Rising Tide
March 18, 2006Oregon Supreme Court Forum
March 05, 2006Gordon Smith: Sun Breaks and Tax Breaks
January 30, 2006Situational Ethics in Oregon
January 08, 2006Dostoyevsky on the Modern Era
December 19, 2005Google Earth: A Path to Peace?
December 12, 2005Stay True to Yourselves, Good People!
December 01, 2005Another Brainstorm to Destroy Oregon
November 22, 2005Why Roe v. Wade is "safe"
November 02, 2005Good News for Oregon
October 15, 2005Voting
October 05, 2005Land Use Initiatives
September 28, 2005Janet Reno coming to Portland
August 08, 2005A New Reason for Hope
July 29, 2005GOP Plays Politics with Human Lives

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