Janet Reno coming to Portland

Cody Hoesly

Yes, former US Attorney General Janet Reno is coming to Portland on October 17th.  Why?

To kick off the Oregon Lawyer Chapter of the American Constitution Society.  If you are not familiar with ACS yet, remedy that, because you will hear this name more and more.  Just as the Federalist Society has led the charge of conservative legal thinking (even to John Roberts?) for the last twenty years, the liberals have finally started a countercharge.  ACS' Oregon chapter is the latest salvo.  The organization already has a student chapter at the University of Oregon Law School.

In addition to Reno, the event will feature Oregon Attorney General Hardy Myers (future candidate for the state supreme court?).  While Reno may discuss the Bush Administration's attempt to overturn her work as AG upholding Oregon's Death with Dignity Act, she will certainly discuss how important it is for liberal and progressive lawyers and policymakers to network, collaborate, and assist us in ensuring a better future for Oregon.  The same tools that brought this nation Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Kenneth Starr, and Chief Justice Roberts can now be used to supplant them.  This is the kind of political infrastructure building liberals need right now.

Anyone who is interested can sign up for the event by emailing [email protected] - there's a 6:30pm reception preceding the talk, at PSU's Vanport Room in Smith Hall (1825 SW Broadway, third floor).

Disclaimer: I am on the Steering Committee of the ACS Oregon Lawyer Chapter.  Still, my interest in seeing the group grow and thrive has more to do with my hopes for our state and country than for ACS in itself.

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