Caelan MacTavish

Caelan MacTavish is a classics scholar and fiction writer with no patience for the angry and ignorant. He prefers the angry and clever to bat wits with, which is why he finds comfort in

February 01, 2009Subprime Bailout
October 08, 2008McCain's $5,000 Tax Credit--it wouldn't help McCain
September 07, 2007George Bush in Chains
April 24, 2007The Rhetoric of Life
October 15, 2006The Oregonian's Contradictory Saxton Stump
August 25, 2006Why do astronomers hate freedom?
August 09, 2006Minnis faces challenge from the Right
February 13, 2006bin Laden is Dead
February 07, 2006Ditto, Please?
January 16, 2006A Daily Call for Impeachment
December 09, 2005The Reason for the Season
December 01, 2005A Plan to Save American Democracy
November 20, 2005Buy Local Day
November 17, 2005Victims of the Drug War

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