M. 96: Helping Oregon Vets get the Services they have Earned

Carla Hanson

Opponents to M. 96 express their disdain for this ballot measure in this context:

"We believe in our veterans, but this is an irresponsible way to fund programs"

Right, and don't use a fire extinguisher on that kitchen fire because the foam makes SUCH a mess.

We live in extraodinary times, and through the passive agggressive implementation of austerity economics from the GOP Congress, Federal funding in thousands of programs that serve Oregonians has dried up or diminished. We are further hampered by the Gordian knot of a restrictive tax base in which there is little wiggle room. Initiative opponents may not appreciate an appeal to taxpayers to create a budget item, but for over a generation Oregon taxpayers have had our hands deep in budget policy precisely because we have the initiative process.

Dedicated funding already exists in the lottery program: 33% to education; 15% to parks and wildlife. In fact, in 2010, Oregon voters voted to continue that 15% dedicated funding to parks and wildlife which was due to expire in 2014.

Asking Oregon voters to dedicate just 1.5% of lottery funds to Veterans services is a small ask for a big return.

Here are some stats to wet your whistle:

Sometimes doing the right thing is imperfect, but there is only one right thing to do regarding M. 96.

Vote for it.

You will be opening a door for a deserving veteran.

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