Ted Wheeler: Working Hard for Oregon's Future

Carla Hanson

Take a sneak peak at State Treasurer Ted Wheeler's new campaign ad.

The ad hits it on the head for Ted; his family has Oregon roots stretching back to 1852, yet he is focused on the future and is committed to policies that are best for Oregonians both now and in coming generations.

Several months after Ted's appointment to State Treasurer he grinned at me and said, "You know, KC, I really feel like I'm where I belong." Ted was truly happy in his new position. He was anxious to dig deep into the wonkiness of investment management and the details of improving Oregon's credit rating (which he did successfully!).

In the years since his appointment and subsequent election to the post, Ted has demonstrated an extraordinary talent at offering both small and large changes and enhancements, which have both saved millions of dollars for Oregon taxpayers and fostered new investment in Oregon.

Check out the new ad at:

Feeling wonky, yourself? Check out Ted's State Treasury website.

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    Full Disclosure - I am a true blue Dem, - County Party Chair and all that. But how cool is it to have a mountain climbing, building rappelling super nerd State Treasurer who does triathlons?

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    I appreciate your support very much. THANK YOU! Ted

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    if you follow the Wheelers on FB, you know that Ted Wheeler is probably right to fear facing his daughter in 40 years if he hasn't worked hard to fix things. she's already a fearsome presence in the world; i know he wants to be able to account for himself to that woman.

    and the rest of us. Ted's a politician who is doing things the right way & for the right reasons.


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