Steve Novick

A few years ago, Willamette Week described Steve Novick: "Oregon native, U of O grad, Harvard Law. Big law firms in San Francisco and New York. U.S. Justice Department's environmental-enforcement division. Lead counsel in the eventual Love Canal lawsuit, in which the feds won $129 million against Occidental Chemical. Back to Oregon to be the issues director for Tom Bruggere's failed U.S. Senate campaign (and, later, Ted Kulongoski's successful bid for governor). Caucus administrator for the Senate Democrats in Salem, policy advisor for Multnomah County Chair Diane Linn and then legislative coordinator for the Oregon Department of Education." But more interestingly, this: "Novick gives you the feeling that he will never be outworked or outstudied. Add to that a Howard Dean-like combativeness and the punchline skills of a sitcom writer. The Nose gets the sense that Novick is the kind of guy who follows his convictions - damn the consequences." In 2008, Steve Novick ran for the U.S. Senate.

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