Dudley Not The Only Ex-NBA'er Running This Year

Capitol Currents:

At 6'11", Chris Dudley usually towers over everyone in the room. He'd still have to look up if he ever ran into Shawn Bradley, who clocks in at 7'6". Like Dudley, Bradley is a former NBA player making his first foray into politics this year.  Both are running as Republicans, but while Dudley is shooting for the moon in his bid for Oregon governor, Bradley is content with trying for a seat in the Utah House. He's taking on a three-term incumbent in Tim Cosgrove, one of just 22 Democrats in the 75-member chamber.

Bradley and Dudley's NBA career share some similarities. Each enjoyed a relatively long run in the league--Dudley played for five teams over 16 seasons, and Bradley played for 3 teams over 12 seasons. Their career overlapped in 11 of those seasons. The hype around Bradley was higher: He was selected as the number two overall draft pick in the 1993 draft. He never did make it to superstar status, though unlike Dudley, Shawn Bradley has his own page on the Internet Movie Database.

Another major difference?  In this year's race for governor, Chris Dudley has reported raising nearly $3 million so far. Shawn Bradley, on the other hand, reports a grand total of $5,263. Most of that came in the form of a personal loan from Bradley to his campaign.<div class="blogger-post-footer"><img width="1" height="1" src="https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/tracker/3320471128493510714-3694305620947506759?l=www.capitolcurrents.com" alt=""/></div>

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