Dudley Clears $3 Million Mark

Capitol Currents:

With a slew of contributions reported by his campaign over the last two days, Chris Dudley has now raised more than $3 million in his bid for governor. Of course, Dudley reached that mark a few weeks ago. Campaigns, at this point, have up to 30 days to report contributions and expenditures. And that means Dudley's actual total is by now, in all likelihood, well past the $3 million mark.

Either way, it's well above John Kitzhaber's current reported total of $1.7 million. Kitzhaber's campaign is taking its time in reporting contributions. In fact, they appear to be taking full advantage of the 30-day reporting window. (That window shortens to a week in late September.)  So, Kitzhaber has possibly passed the $2 million threshold but would still appear to be well behind Dudley.

And while Dudley has generally been spending his money as fast as he receives it--meaning both he and Kitzhaber have had roughly the same amount of "cash on hand" at any given time--as of today, he's well ahead of Kitzhaber in terms of available money to spend. Kitzhaber reports having about $167,000 in available cash, while Dudley has just over a half-million. Again, those figures don't necessarily reflect current numbers, but for now it appears as though Kitzhaber will have to be more circumspect than Dudley about how he spends his campaign funds. Speaking of spending, Dudley last evening released a "26 point plan to control spending and reform government" on his website.<div class="blogger-post-footer"><img width="1" height="1" src="https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/tracker/3320471128493510714-6336959696702155337?l=www.capitolcurrents.com" alt=""/></div>

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