School bond campaign drives home point for supporters

Portland Tribune:

The Portland School Board on Monday night officially referred the $482 million school construction bond measure to the November ballot, a year after last year’s $548 million bond measure narrowly failed.

This time, board members, community members and even past critics say the bond measure is different.

“This bond package, unlike the last one, offers a coherent, logical, focused and cost-effective plan that was informed by a genuine strategic approach to modernizing all of PPS’s schools within a 30-year time frame,” says Rita Moore, a schools activist and watchdog who is now one of the campaign’s core volunteers.

“Even more exciting, to my mind, is that PPS intends to use the facilities planning process to kick-start a larger discussion of what kind of education — both content and method — will best prepare our kids to thrive in the 21st century.”

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