OR-Sen: URGENT: Jeff Merkley (D) Needs Your Help Getting Filibuster Reform Passed


Filibuster reform is on a clear path to becoming a reality but U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR) needs your help to keep pressure on Senate Democrats in making it happen:

The American people are tuned in and demand a Senate that works. They know that it’s time for real filibuster reform, so we can address the critical issues facing our country. Now it's crunch time. Over the next ten days, Senate leadership will meet and discuss various reform proposals on the table. I need your help right now: Join me, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Tom Udall, and the Daily Kos community, and let’s tell the leaders of the U.S. Senate to support real reform with a full talking filibuster. http://www.reformthefilibuster.com/... Other proposals out there don’t go far enough, and won’t change the culture of obstruction that paralyzes the Senate. Without a talking filibuster, obstructionist Senators will still be able to silently stall any piece of legislation they want without any accountability. If we’re ever going to reinvest in America, hold Wall Street accountable, create clean energy jobs and fight global climate change, and reform our broken campaign finance laws, we need a Senate that works. We must end the silent filibuster. Sign our petition and tell the leaders of the U.S. Senate to make sure filibuster reform includes the talking filibuster. http://www.reformthefilibuster.com/... The window for reform is closing. The “first day of Congress” has been extended to January 22nd and the time for action is now. If we’re going to fix the Senate and tackle our nation’s toughest problems, your grassroots support today is critical. Join me, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Tom Udall, and the Daily Kos community, and tell our Senate leaders that we want real filibuster reform! http://www.reformthefilibuster.com/... Thanks for your help, Senator Jeff Merkley

We need to keep the pressure on Senate Democrats to help make filibuster reform a reality.  Merkley and Senator Tom Udall (D. NM) have been the key players in leading the fight to end GOP obstruction.  Please sign his petition today: http://www.reformthefilibuster.com/... And thank Senators Merkley and Udall by donating to their 2014 re-election campaigns: Jeff Merkley (D. OR):

https://secure.actblue.com/... Tom Udall (D. NM):


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