Ore. manufacturing jobs down 3.3%

Portland Business Journal:

Portland ranks No. 21 in total manufacturing employment, though the number of manufacturing plants and industrial jobs statewide declined in 2010.

According to data compiled by Manufacturers News Inc., which publishes industrial trade directories in every U.S. state, Portland had 46,787 industrial jobs as of December 2010. Houston topped the list with 228,226 jobs, followed by New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and St. Louis.

Overall, the nation's top-10 industrial cities have lost 95,805 manufacturing jobs, or 8.4 percent, since the publisher's last job tally in 2008.

As for the statewide manufacturing environment, the number of manufacturing plants in Oregon declined by 1.9 percent to 5,861 in 2010 from the previous year, and total employment was off 3.3 percent to 215,044.

According to Manufacturers News, Oregon stats actually bested what happened nationally.

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