Nick Budnick & Beth Slovic to marry; also, both join Oregonian staff

Portland Mercury:

We've been reporting all kinds of news about local media people quitting and joining different papers recently so, hey, here's some more scuttlebutt. The Oregonian hired two well-known local reporters today, Nick Budnick and Beth Slovic. Nick Budnick used to work at Willamette Week and did some great cops reporting for the Tribune, but quit in 2009 to cover Salem for the Bend Bulletin. He's joining the Oregonian's enterprise team. Beth Slovic covered schools and city hall for Willamette Week, most recently working on a bunch of stories about Congressman David Wu. Slovic is heading over to cover city hall for the O now. It also looks like the pair is about the get married. Does this technically count as marrying a coworker? Anyway, congrats to them. [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ]

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