The Senate should override Jim DeMint and limit 'secret holds'

Washington Post:

Sen. Jim DeMint would like to see an end to the insidious process known as the "secret hold." Or so we are told. Mr. DeMint's actions suggest otherwise. This month, without any warning, he effectively prevented a planned vote on an amendment to end secret holds by attaching a controversial measure to complete construction of a border fence. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) -- who, by the way, voted for an earlier version of the border-fence provision -- withdrew his amendment.

But Mr. Wyden, who has been joined in this 14-year battle by Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa), came back to the Senate floor last week to try again. On Monday night, Mr. Wyden sought unanimous consent to have the amendment brought up for a vote, only to be blocked by Idaho Republican Jim Risch. "I do not have any problem with the substance, but I know Senator DeMint has serious issues with it," Mr. Risch explained. "We would like to have an opportunity to talk with him." On Tuesday night, Mr. Wyden was at it again, only to encounter an objection from Alabama Republican Richard Shelby, again objecting on Mr. DeMint's behalf.

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