Willamette Week: Bonamici for CD 1

Willamette Week:

As a lawmaker, Bonamici quickly earned a reputation for honesty and diligence, if not charisma. In her first Senate session, she chaired the Consumer Protection and Public Affairs Committee. Her focus on consumer issues might have alienated many lobbyists, but she instead won widespread respect. In WW’s “The Good, the Bad and the Awful” rankings of metro-area legislators in 2009, she ranked near the top among senators. In 2011, she was No. 1.

... She is studious, hard-working and a consensus builder, and she possesses an ego that is, uncharacteristically for a politician, civilian-sized.

“She is a person who is fair and honest, and has the interests of not only her constituency but the rest of our nation in mind,” Witt said. “And is an exceedingly thoughtful person.”

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