New Political Group Launches: Bike Walk Vote!

Portland Mercury:

viaBike Walk Vote is back from the dead—the old Portland political action group has been dormant since 2008, but a whole new slate of volunteers celebrated its resuscitation over the weekend at a launch party that drew the likes of Congressman Earl Blumenauer and raised $3,000.
I talked with Bike Walk Vote co-chair (and veteran political consultant) Evan Manvel about that PAC that aims to elect candidates best support bicyclists, walkers, and people who take transit. MERCURY: Why did you guys decide to restart the Bike, Walk, Vote? Evan Manvel: There are a lot of needs out there: A bike plan that's passed but generally unfunded, there's issues with lack of sidewalk construction and safety issues around that, there are a lot of issues with transit funding like increasing fares with decreasing service. Meanwhile, the region is looking at spending $4 billion on a mega-highway project. That motivates people. [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ]

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