Jefferson Smith, Blazermaniac, Just Might Be Portland's Next Mayor

Blazer's Edge:

A Portland native, Grant High graduate and self-described Blazers "addict," Smith spent an hour with Blazersedge on Saturday, remembering the good old days, licking his post-deadline wounds and extolling the virtues of his lengthy championship vision for the team...

Smith is a machine gun -- non-stop and unapologetic. He's in the middle of another packed campaign day, a morning filled with a townhall style discussion of ideas and an afternoon booked with house party schmoozing. He is a natural born orator, the one kid in the class who rubbed his hands with glee when it came time for extemporaneous speeches in high school. He has that Ken Jennings vibe where he is interested in just about everything, even obviously uninteresting subjects, and he has a measured opinion on all of it.

He conducted the interview jacket off and white shirt sleeves rolled up, a Mac laptop open at his side. Nothing was off the table but his lengthiest answers, deepest belly laughs and longest sighs were reserved for discussion of his Blazers.

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