Breakfast Anyone?

Jesse Cornett

Of all the Convention activities, the morning breakfasts with the whole Oregon crew have been among the best. The similar was true in 2000. Unlike the Convention where, expect in a few cases, like Al Sharpton last night, everything is very scripted. The breakfasts are many of the same speakers, and while they have a similar message, don’t read from a teleprompter, and you can tell it from the more often off-the-cuff interjections.

We’ve heard from everyone from Oregon’s various leaders to former Cabinet Secretaries Rodney Slater and Alexis Herman, Oregon veterans Jim Rassman and Tony McPeak, George McGovern, Dennis Kucinich, Art Alexakis leading a sing-along to Woody Guthrie’sThis Land is Your Land” (incidentally, he just recorded the song for fundraising effort for the Tillamook 50/50 Plan Initiative), and we ended it all today with former Governor Howard Dean.

This is part of the stuff that makes it all worthwhile.

  • Mari Anne Gest (unverified)

    Art from Everclear has cut a new version of This Land Is Your Land for the Tillamook 50/50 campaign, now Oregon Ballot Measure 34 campaign. Art's version brings Oregon forests to the forefront! Afterall, Oregon is (let's make sure that it isn't "was") the environmental leader in the nation and we need to keep moving in that direction. This land is our land! We have the power! We will be selling the CD that also features other Oregon artists who have generously stepped forward to help us win this campaign, as a benefit for the campaign to save the Tillamook State Forest. Visit our web site at: because This Land Is Your Land.

    All of the Oregon convention delegates look great on TV. Hi Mary.

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