The Beginning

Chris Bouneff

The first posting. The essential question. Why do this?

Call it my mission statement. Every organization seems to need one to operate. Hell, they’ll spend days in meetings coming up with one. So maybe I need one to be successful.

Here goes. I’m an ex-newspaper reporter who gave up in disgust at the direction of newspapers moving to a trend of “community journalism.” I tried sports marketing -- hey, I love sports. I hated sports marketing. The view from behind the green curtain was like looking into the sun for me. Fans are widgets; sports is about selling product. Fun over.

In keeping with my reasons for being a reporter, I figured I could do something publicly oriented by entering politics. Eyes burned. See explanation above.

An aside: I even attended a couple of neighborhood association meetings. Learned quickly that if you believe that it’s reasonable for dogs be on leashes in parks (and I have two dogs) you’re not welcome at my neighborhood's table.

So why blog? Because I’m ready to go Howard Beal.

Mind you, I’m not far enough gone to go Renee Mitchell. I can complain as much as the next person -- but she has no equal? Is there anything that anybody does well enough in her estimation?

But I am far enough along to go Howard. And, Kari, you were just the one to give me a mission objective.

  • pdxkona (unverified)

    Great Chris!

    I'll be interested to read your works.

    By the way- the great thing about the web vs straight print is the ability to site your sources without breaking up a piece. For example, by utilizing links to 'Howard Beal' or what you think is the best definition of 'Howard Beal' when you actually state the term 'Howard Beal' would help me understand just what'n the heck you mean. All this, without breaking the flow of your writing; the background source or definition is there, should I so need it.

    For a good example of someone who does this well check out B!x's site-

    (Typepad setting makes it unable to link to text in comment section, otherwise I would have.)


  • Howard Beal (unverified)

    "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!" - Howard Beal, Network

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