AP Coverage of BlueOregon's Convention Coverage

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signsWell, you can always count on the media for a little self-referential navel gazing. As y'all know by now, those of us here at BlueOregon aren't ones to shirk our self-referential navel-gazing duties either.

In newspapers everywhere, the Associated Press covered the blogosphere's coverage of the Democratic convention. Here's the AP's coverage about American Street blogger (and Oregonian) Jenny Greenleaf's coverage of BlueBlogger Jesse Cornett's work at the convention.

"I also enjoyed tidbits from delegates who were blogging themselves. One from Oregon talked about all the work that goes into distributing all those signs you see on television. There were some noteworthy items earlier in the week, too - just difficult to find amid all the self-referential talk."

(Is this getting self-referential enough for you yet?)

Anyway, Jenny Greenleaf's post, Whip It!, about Jesse's whip duties is over at the America Street. And, Jesse's post, You Must Whip It, is right here at BlueOregon.

And, just so we have some original content in this space, we'll point out that Devo, the original Whip It, Whip it Good guys were right here in Portland this weekend.

  • pdxkona (unverified)

    I was 12ft away from Mark Mothersbaugh (lead singer) when they played Sunday morning, and much as I was frenzily dancing when they started into 'Whip It', I suddenly had images in my head of Jesse as the OR Convention Whip using a long black whip on none other than Mister Dubya himself.

    "when a problem comes along, you must whip it"

    <h2>I blame an overactive imagination and lack of oxygen due to prior heavy exercise.</h2>

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