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News that doesn’t include the words "Bush" or "Kerry" is hard to find. I think this may be partly a demand-side issue, but I’m skeptical that people are only interested in national politics. If you dig hard enough, you’ll find that other things are actually happening. To wit:

In Bend, the School Board approved placing a levy on the November ballot that would rustle up some dough for local schools. If approved, the levy would tax property by adding an 85-cent tax per $1000 of assessed value for five years. It would raise roughly $6.5 million a year. A similar measure failed to pass in May, however--and that version taxed property at only 60 cents.

Off the Central Coast, a massive dead zone of low-oxygen water is suffocating crab and fish.

The zone spans an offshore area from Newport to Florence. Researchers have tracked it since mid-June, following the size and severity of the condition, which scientists call hypoxia....

On Monday, researchers recorded 0.55 milliliters per liter at 230 feet in a location a few miles west of Strawberry Hill, south of Yachats.

Although dead zones are usually caused by pollutants, that’s not the case here--though know one knows the reason.

And in Salem, our good friends at the Oregon Bus Project got some press (from the AP, no less). Good press. Listen:

The man under the truck, Jesse Shriber, seemed a little annoyed at first but warmed up to the [Bus canvassers] when they asked him the message he would like them to take back to [District 22 candidate Betty] Komp, a Democrat running for the state House of Representatives. Shriber said he wants to see better funding for diverse arts. As the canvassers left, Shriber said their visit might influence him in November.

The Bus Project has much going on (a lot of which was praised in this article), but this passage captures the Bus at its finest--getting young people out and influencing elections. It’s a great article, and I could have excerpted much more. So go look for yourself.

See? Actual news.

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    News NOT in The Oregonian, but important for Our Town's reporters to ready questions for POTUS Daffy Duck-Duty, and explain to Oregonians the world affairs coming home to roost, like our neighbors' flag-draped caskets arrivals.


    Excerpts from this website follows below:


    Bush to name Porter Goss (ISI-link) as CIA chief

    Update (08/12) : Kerry Campaign: Bush/Cheney Attack Their Own CIA Nominee Cheney Attacked Intelligence Proposal that Porter Goss Voted For, Helped Write.

    Update (08/11): Goss to Michael Moore: "I couldn't get a job with CIA today. I am not qualified...." during the filming of ... "Fahrenheit 9/11", on March 3.

    Update (08/10) - More "Goss-Files": Wayne Madsen on the Goss-John Millis connection

    Update (08/10): Times of India reports again about the Goss-ISI 9/11 breakfast meeting

    Update (08/10) : "This is the worst appointment that's ever been made to the office of director of central intelligence because that's an office that needs to be kept above partisan politics." -- Retired Adm., Stansfield Turner, director of the CIA in the Carter administration.

    Update (07/03): White House Nominee to Head the CIA has Dubious Links to the Terror Network (GlobalResearch)

    During the Sep11th week, it was Porter Goss, together with Bob Graham, who met with the head of Pakistan Secret Service, ISI, who was already in the U.S. before the attacks. The reason for this meeting was never disclosed. The story never became political issue in U.S. Media

    The Florida Republican was a clandestine CIA officer for a decade before he entering politics in 1974 by running for local office in Sanibel Florida. ...

    The Breakfast meeting with the ISI from On the morning of September 11, Pakistan's Chief Spy General Mahmoud Ahmad, the alleged "money-man" behind the 9-11 hijackers, was at a breakfast meeting on Capitol Hill hosted by Senator Bob Graham and Rep. Porter Goss, the chairmen of the Senate and House Intelligence committees.

    "When the news [of the attacks on the World Trade Center] came, the two Florida lawmakers who lead the House and Senate intelligence committees were having breakfast with the head of the Pakistani intelligence service. Rep. Porter Goss, R-Sanibel, Sen. Bob Graham and other members of the House Intelligence Committee were talking about terrorism issues with the Pakistani official when a member of Goss' staff handed a note to Goss, who handed it to Graham. "We were talking about terrorism, specifically terrorism generated from Afghanistan," Graham said.

    ...The FBI confirmed in late September, in an interview with ABC News (which went virtually unnoticed) that the 9-11 ring leader, Mohammed Atta, had been financed from unnamed sources in Pakistan:

    "As to September 11th, federal authorities have told ABC News they have now tracked more than $100,000 from banks in Pakistan, to two banks in Florida, to accounts held by suspected hijack ring leader, Mohammed Atta."

    ...Now, it just so happens that General Mahmoud Ahmad, the alleged "money man" behind 9-11, was in the U.S. when the attacks occurred. He arrived on the 4th of September, one week before 9-11, on what was described as a routine visit of consultations with his U.S. counterparts.

    According to Pakistani journalist, Amir Mateen (in a prophetic article published on September 10): "ISI Chief Lt-Gen. Mahmoud's week-long presence in Washington has triggered speculation about the agenda of his mysterious meetings at the Pentagon and National Security Council. Officially, he is on a routine visit in return to CIA Director George Tenet's earlier visit to Islamabad. Official sources confirm that he met Tenet this week. He also held long parleys with unspecified officials at the White House and the Pentagon. ... Last time Ziauddin Butt, Mahmoud's predecessor, was here, during Nawaz Sharif's government, the domestic politics turned topsy-turvy within days." Nawaz Sharif was overthrown by General Pervez Musharaf. General Mahmoud Ahmad, who became the head of the ISI, played a key role in the military coup.

    Schedule of Pakistan's Chief of Military Intelligence Lt. General Mahmoud Ahmad, Washington, 4-13 September 2001

    Summer 2001: ISI Chief Lt. General Mahmoud Ahmad transfers $100,000 to 9-11 Ringleader Mohamed Atta. 4 September: Ahmad arrives in the US on an official visit. 4-9 September: He meets his US counterparts including CIA Head George Tenet. 9 September: Assassination of General Massood, leader of the Northern Alliance. Official statement by Northern Alliance points to involvement of the ISI-Osama-Taliban axis. 11 September: Terrorist Attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon. At the time of the attacks, Lt General Ahmad was at a breakfast meeting at the Capitol with the chairmen of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees Sen Bob Graham and Rep Porter Goss. Also present at the meeting were Sen. John Kyl and the Pakistani ambassador to the U.S., Maleeha Lodhi. 12-13 September: Meetings between Lt. General Ahmad and Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage. Agreement on Pakistan's collaboration negotiated between Ahmad and Armitage. Meeting between General Ahmad and Secretary of State Colin Powell

    Times of India -AUGUST 10, 2004 ... Most controversially, Goss was having a breakfast meeting in Washington with the then ISI chief Mahmoud Ahmad at the exact instant the 9/11 hijackers flew their planes into the World Trade Center.

    Some reports have suggested that Ahmad and the ISI had links to -- or foreknowledge about -- 9/11. A money transfer from Karachi to the hijackers in Florida has never been fully explored or explained. Ahmad was never called to account for this or his support to the Taliban post 9/11 even as General Musharraf moved him into the shadows.

    Goss himself visited Pakistan just a few days before 9/11 for talks with the then pariah military establishment of Gen. Musharraf.

    The John Millis-Porter Goss connection -- from forthcoming book "Jaded Tasks" , by Wayne Madsen "...John Millis, the late Executive Director of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) who allegedly committed suicide on June 4, 2000, died a day after he forced the CIA to release a controversial report dealing with cocaine trafficking. Police in Fairfax, Virginia still refuse to reveal the contents of a suicide note allegedly written by Millis. The magazine Insight, owned by the right-wing Washington Times, reported in August 2000 that its CIA sources reported Millis killed himself after his wife, Linda, discovered he was involved in a homosexual relationship.

    According to well-placed congressional sources, Millis and his boss, HPSCI Chairman Porter Goss of Florida ... disagreed on many fundamental intelligence issues.

    On May 11, a few weeks prior to his death, Millis authored a report on the CIA alleged links to cocaine smuggling ... some informed observers believe that Millis may have actually written a different version of the report that was more critical of the CIA involvement in drug trafficking and that he may have been silenced because he knew too much.

    Former White House counsel and Clinton confidant Charles Ruff was reportedly briefed on HPSCI findings by Millis. Ruff died on November 20, 2000. His body was found outside a shower in his home by his wife.

    HPSCI ranking member Representative Julian Dixon, who was also briefed on the HPSCI cocaine report, died suddenly from a heart attack on December 8, 2000, a few weeks after Ruff death.

    There is also some reason to believe that Millis was unhappy with Goss reluctance to investigate the CIA handling or mishandling of alleged Mossad penetration of the White House communications system .... Goss reportedly said he was concerned that Israel had penetrated White House communications but he did not want to pursue any investigation of the matter. Goss once remarked to a congressional colleague that if anyone took a look at his Florida district, his reluctance to criticize Israel would be totally understandable.

    Goss was reported to be a top contender for CIA Director to replace George Tenet in George W. Bush administration. Sources claimed he did not want any problems associated with the Millis case to derail his chances. But there are clearly many unanswered questions involving Goss and the HPSCI. For example, Goss press secretary Jennifer Millerwise abruptly resigned her position a few weeks after Millis death and was not available for interviews. Fairfax police refused to release the contents of Millis suicide note and the Fairfax County coroner autopsy report. The Director of Emergency Services for Fairfax County said he was never informed that Millis body had been transported into his jurisdiction, a violation of his agency procedures. Interestingly, Millerwise would later surface as Vice President Cheney press spokesperson.

    Fairfax city detectives told residents of the city's rather seedy Breezeway Motel, where Millis allegedly took his life, not to talk to anyone about the suicide, including the media. When asked, a female teen resident of the motel ... said that after Millis death, she saw a few unmarked vans in the parking lot around Millis room, one with District of Columbia license tags. The teen also told me, Detective Boone [of the Fairfax Police Department Criminal Investigation Division] told us not to talk to anyone about what happened to that man. Congressional sources revealed that the CIA wanted to secure any copies of the drug report Millis may have had in his possession.

    Senior GOP congressional and CIA officials hoped the Millis matter would simply disappear as a news item. They got their wish..."

    Nominee to Run CIA Was Once One of Its Officers AP -Aug 10, 2004 ...Goss, who speaks Spanish and French, started with the CIA in Miami about the time of the Cuban missile crisis. The CIA recruited him during his junior year at Yale, where he completed his bachelor's degree in ancient Greek in 1960.

    During a 2002 interview with The Washington Post, Goss joked that he performed photo interpretation and "small-boat handling," which led to "some very interesting moments in the Florida Straits." He acknowledged he had recruited and run foreign agents and said he would be uncomfortable traveling to Cuba but wouldn't say more.

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