Death With Dignity Upheld

Jeff Alworth

The Ninth Circuit Court today rejected a Bush administration request to reconsider Oregon's Death with Dignity law.

The White House wanted the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to throw out its ruling backing the law, which allows doctors to help hasten the death of patients.

But the court ruled last week that a majority of the San Francisco-based court's 25 full-time judges voted against a rehearing. The ruling was made public Monday.

Upshot: John Ashcroft's private crusade against Oregon's Death with Dignity law is quickly running out of gas. The DoJ hasn't decided yet whether to appeal the case to the Supreme Court--but that's the sole remaining option. At each stop, Ashcroft has been turned away. My guess is the DoJ will look at the ruling and make a decision about whether the Supremes are likely to accept their appeal. If they think not, this may be the final ruling in the case.

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