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Anne Martens

Hot diggity. New Jersey Governor McGreevey (married, with children) just resigned for being gay and having an affair with a man (in that order). He said something about having to face reality and wanting to remove any threats to the family and office. Resignation effective November 15 - so that the replacement is a Dem Senate Pres instead of a newly elected. Thoughts on gay marriage and general tolerance, anyone?

  • Justin (unverified)

    McGreevey's gay relationship was the worst kept secret in New Jersey.

    So, even though that's the stated reason, I don't think that's the real reason he resigned.

    His campaign was dogged with allegations of fraud. And several of his top advisors have stepped down due to campaign fraud.

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    [Cross-posted from Political State Report.]

    News is breaking everywhere that Governor James McGreevey is resigning "because he had a gay affair." But MSNBC is reporting that a sexual harassment lawsuit is being filed today by his former homeland security adviser, Golan Cipel.

    Of course, the story's not that simple. Cipel resigned after allegations that he wasn't qualified for the job, despite his experience as a member of the Israeli Defense Forces.

    It gets more complicated. Prior to the joining the McGreevy administration, Cipel had worked for Charles Kushner, a real estate mogul and campaign fundraiser who was arrested last month on charges of tax fraud and illegal campaign contributions.

    Did McGreevey resign because he's gay? Or is that just a convenient, even sympathetic (though likely true) cover story?

  • Jason Evans (unverified)

    Seems to be the theme of the day...

  • Tenskwatawa (unverified)

    It is a nonsense theme. Gay don't matter and it doesn't make sense to resign about it -- but it does stop Bush-huggers from looking behind his lies. Gay = Kryptonite, to Bush-huggers.

    As for Bush-haters: Bring 'em on, he's got the US Army to kill dissenting US citizens.

    So only Bush-huggers can wake up to Bush lying and do something to stop more betrayal of themselves, contain the damage of Bush's weak mind and weak leadership.

    For example, The Oregonian's blind (asleep? stupid?) support for Bush2000, and blackout of bad Bush news, and sales job for Bush lies to invade Iraq -- "Look out! There's gays! Gays could be anywhere! Don't ask, do what Bush tells you." -- and those editors and their readers, such as local TV 'news' managers, and their viewers, and all the Bush-hugger gay-bigots, who must unwrap from their backslapping squeeze, step back, open their eyes, look at their hands and see the soldiers' blood Bush gets on all who embrace him.

    Elections officials quickly spot the Bush votes -- those ballots are blood stained.

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    Reminds me of Goldschmidt. Sex scandal forces him out, but with a strong odor of financial corruption in the air...

  • Tenskwatawa (unverified)

    Yeah, reminds you and reminds you and reminds you ... that odor is the insense. Masses insensed. It rises and stinks until each person takes action.

    Strike down the media. Stop sending cable TV money -- it's paying them to lie. Turning them off infuriates them and forces us to relay to and rely on each other.

    Use the internet. Like this. Don't get the message out; get the message around. Blog. Browse. Watch TV on it, or watch TV on a cell phone. Don't send FOXzies money.

    Stop The Oregonian, please. In the case of Revisionist History vs. Goldschmidt, it never was clear that the 'O' didn't know all along about G.'s thing. But like the Abu Ghraib uniformed-butchers-for-Bush said, when they were asked what secrets can taking pictures of torture and humiliation get from people who have no secret weapons, 'Well, the pictures and knowledge of their naked life is used to control them when they are let go, with the threat of blackmail. It's kind of like catch'n'release, with a signal collar sending back to us.'

    Something in the way Gordon Smith overplayed The Oregonian to force Bush to be the river-dredge president, makes me think Bush ain't'a'gonna'do'it, wouldn't be prudent, nope. No dredge-soup for you, senator, the soup nazi has spoken. (If Bush does promise, it's a lie. Unelect Smith, and take his tangled web with him.)

    On the issue, Portland's ports ought to move to Astoria. When the Lewis & Clark train comes by, lay tracks the full way of their trail to Astoria and chug or maglev everything commercial out there to the coast after this. Stop inefficiency of pitting city against city, Portland against Astoria, and have each city bring its land-location feature to a group sensibility. Yeah, I know the port means jobs in Portland. Relocate to the coast -- PDX could use a trim, take some pressure of the Growth Boundary. Astoria could seed the Relocation Works Project with federal money for a liquified natural gas port, which is a growth market.

    Basically, oceans are for ships and rivers are for boats. What the old-war dinosaurs like Smith and Rove and DeLay (and The Oregonian) do not count on in their political calculations is how rapid the new-tech can pass around a strong simple message. Oceans = ships, rivers = boats, dreges = corrupt graft. New-tech is the Deaniac effect.

    When someone here says Boycott Cable TV, or Read The Oregonian on the Internet, several someones in those places tremble. Because we hold the money and we can spend it other ways, no cable, no newspapers. No river-dredge president -- there's been enough lies.

    And it are those lies, years of them, (two words: David Reinhard), which are the petards on which dried whiteskins furl. Ya' know, if Goldschmidt was The Oregonian's mole and they outed their own and lost that asset, it's like the Al Qaida mole the Cia ran, and outed, and lost -- two dots connecting to show a pattern of this season. The theme of '04: Out the moles. "WASHINGTON - The Washington Post became the latest prestigious US newspaper to question its own coverage of Iraq leading up to the US-led war, saying it underplayed stories questioning White House claims that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. ..."

    Good, but go on. Media don't seem to get it, people are dying because they are lying. If someone buys an Oregonian soldier a memorial brick in Pioneer Sq. does The Oregonian newspaper want to pave over it with ice. How 'bout an ice rink out in the West Hills Cemetery; think of the view, winter-party on, dude.

    Just like Bush, they don't get it. They're not enlivening and people are dying. Enliven the blog. Out the moles.

    Also cited via, from Knight-Ridder: "WASHINGTON - Two young Army officers with time in Iraq are the brains behind a new Web site called Operation Truth that will be launched later this month.

    "Former Capt. David Chasteen and 1st Lt. Paul Rieckhoff, who is still serving in the Army National Guard, hope to 'educate the American public about the truth of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan from the perspective of the soldiers who have experienced them first-hand.'

    "Toward that end they hope that their Web site,, will provide a forum for soldiers and Marines still serving in Iraq or just returned, to tell their stories, post their digital photos and voice their complaints. ..."

  • El Zonda (unverified)

    Here in N.J. the talk is that McGreevey's erotic inclinations were an open secret of state politics. As spectacular as McGreevey's coming out may have been, nobody believes his sexual orientation is the reason for his resignation. Not even "Bush huggers."

    Folks outside the Garden State may never have heard the nickname "McGreedy," but the governor has been involved in plenty of corruption scandals. Everybody's just waiting to hear what the real story is, beyond the sexual harrassment suit.

    Oh, Tenskwatawa, I wanted to know what you were smoking when you posted this:

    "As for Bush-haters: Bring 'em on, he's got the US Army to kill dissenting US citizens."

    Allow me to recommend milder stuff.

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