The (Further) Annals of Ralph

Jeff Alworth

Ralph Nader, with a chickenIf you like Nader gazing (and I know you do), you'd better start getting an eyeful while you can. It looks like he may only be a factor in Oregon politics another 13 days.

Nader supporters have submitted less than one-fourth of the needed signatures to get him on Oregon’s Nov. 2 ballot, and elections officials say the campaign has less than a week to get the remainder....

Now Nader backers face a tougher challenge of submitting 15,306 valid petition signatures by Aug. 24.

Realistically, Nader supporters need to turn in more than 20,000 signatures by early next week to allow time for counties to verify the signatures and account for those ruled invalid.

However, for those of you who remain Ralph admirers (I count myself among your company), you'll be pleased to know that it looks like his campaign staff here aren't accepting help from the dark side.

Citizens for a Sound Economy/FreedomWorks, a conservative group that helped overturn the Measure 30 tax package in February, has sought to help Nader in an open effort to help President Bush’s prospects in Oregon. But the group’s Oregon director, Russ Walker of Keizer, said that the Nader campaign hasn’t exactly embraced his offer of support.

"What we’re doing is directing our volunteer members to request petitions directly from the Nader campaign," Walker said. "Some of our members have been told that they don’t want their help... We’ve decided not to put any (more) financial resources into this."

Looks like Dubya is just going to have to beat Kerry fair and square--no help from Ralph this time. Soak up the Nader theater while you can, I think that's the fat lady I hear warming up.

[Update: I suppose I shouldn't post Nader news on a Wednesday without consulting the WW. In today's issue, Chris Lydgate has the scoop on some GOP shenanigans to get Ralph on the ballot. So maybe you will have Ralph Nader to kick around some more.]

  • raging red (unverified)

    I just wanted to give a heads up to you West Coasters - tonight The Daily Show had a little "interview" with Citizens for a Sound Economy re: Nader getting on the ballot in Oregon. Through the miracle of time zone differences, I just watched it.

  • (Show?)

    Rumor has it that at least one dead person has signed on to get Nader ballot access. It's either a forgery or his supporters' synapses really aren't firing quite right.

  • Randy (unverified)

    I'm sorry -- just gotta vent here.

    At what point does one begin to attach the label "pathetic" to RN's campaign?

    I have been left-leaning most of my life. But I've also been able to do basic bean-counting as well. And this election seems to me (at times I am most anxious) pivotal to America's future.

    We've seen what Bush et al can do when they have a re-election to worry about. Has anyone contemplated what they can do when they've gotten their second term and don't have to worry about re-election?

    Obviously not Ralph.

    I know Greg Kafoury is a member of a liberal, progressive family. His pimping for Ralph has resulted in the same response as I had to disclosures about Goldschmidt -- "How sad to see what I thought to be brothers turned out to be blindered narcissists."

  • Tenskwatawa (unverified)

    I have not shared the distress of others at Nader's campaign. Nor the worry about the election outcome.

    First, Nader is the most upright, honest, intelligent and pragmatic person in politics. All your past appraisals of him are still true. He's the exception among the corrupt criminal politicians in these times, so of course he seems like an alien.

    Second, Nader did not change the 2000 result. Didn't anybody read? Florida was a crime, a theft; it was rigged. Florida was corrupt and when the judges were told to order the police to arrest the criminals, the judges and police were corrupt. It is such a Big Lie that they are not all corrupt that people believe it easily. Apparently, as it's said, it's the Big part that matters, not the Lie part. Like 9/11. So-o-o Big.

    Lastly, Bush is not going to be on the ballot in November, let alone having any chance to win. That's simply what I believe. Based on a lot of tea-leaf reading. I intend to talk more about this later, but for now just feel what a relief it is to let yourself imagine for a split second that Dumbo is done and gone.

    And in that eventuality, if you can believe it, (I know, I know, that's not what they are saying in the mass media, and they are louder and I am one small voice so therefore they're right and I'm wrong, but ...), then Nader's effort means either November has no choice -- Kerry only, or November is a choice of Kerry or Nader. Mind-boggling, isn't it. But which of those two ballots would you rather see in November? And IF it was only Kerry or Nader, (Bush absolutely positively you know completely cannot win, he's in jail or something, he's just not in it), which would you vote for, Kerry or Nader?

    (To me it's the ultimate humongous irony if R's put Nader on the ballot, and then their guy Bush don't make it.)

    One thing to say for Nader, as much grief and wailing as people have dished on him, and he keeps standing for his rights and believing in the corny principles of democracy and the cynical promise of America -- he's just right out in the open about it, in front of God and everybody -- he must love this country more than anyone who's ever lived. A lot, anyway. And I don't see a problem with someone who's like that. What did you do in the corruption war, daddy?

    Bush is toast. Pull up a seat and watch him crumble.


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