Celebrity-Studded Hollywood Fundraiser... in Portland.

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Back in '98, a few friends and I organized a political fundraiser that involved two drag queens, a snake charmer, a bellydancer, a rockin' beat poet, and a tap-dancing saxophone player. It was hosted by emcee Barbara Roberts, and held at Hung Far Low. (Don't ask.)

Ever since that very-low-brow event, I've been on the lookout for the hippest, slickest campaign event of the season. It's taken until now to top the '98 cabaret event...

No36eventPulled together in a few short days, there's an event that's already picking up buzz around the city. This Saturday night, the No on 36 folks are throwing a fundraiser so slick it has a VIP pre-party (5 p.m. at Aura), a film premiere (8 p.m. at the Guild Theatre), and an after-party for the super-hip (10:30 p.m. at Holocene).

Gus Van Sant will be on hand premiering a new film he's produced called Tarnation - a documentary by filmmaker Jonathan Caouette. I'm told it's a "kaleidoscopic fever dream" about growing up in chaos. (Review by Roger Ebert.)

The after-party will feature a performance by John Cameron Mitchell (who played Hedwig in the film Hedwig and the Angry Inch - IMDB) and Wade McCollum (who played Hedwig onstage - PDX Trib review).

I've also heard some good rumors that at least one of the gals from rocker band Sleater-Kinney might be on hand to crank up the volume.

Yeah, that's better than drag queens at Hung Far Low. Check it out at NoOn36.com.

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    I was at that event in '98 and an excellent event it was. One of the highlights being when the bellydancer (Aziza? Is that right?) almost lost her skirt. lol. Luckily someone was nice enough to make sure it never hit the ground and re-fasten it for her.

    But you're right... this one does sound like it'll top it. However, if I recall, entry to Hung Far Low that evening wasn't nearly as pricey. Or maybe I was just richer then... it was Clinton's America, after all. lol.

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