Kulongoski vs. Schwarzenegger

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tedk.mugshotarnold.mugshotKulongoski vs. Schwarzenegger. Damn, that's a mouthful. And a mouthful is what they're both after.

It seems Teddy K has been south of the border raiding California of its organic and natural food producers. Arnold's joined the fight, defending his turf, and even trying to raid Oregon businesses. There's even a billboard in downtown Portland (just south of PSU) that reads, "Arnold says California wants your business. (Actually he says Kah-li-fornia.)"

Apparently, our Governor just popped in on Amy's Kitchen, a 750-employee company in Santa Rosa, CA. "He just came in and said, 'Hi, I'm Ted.'" Read the rest from the Seattle Times.


  • Justin (unverified)

    While Kulongoski's ties to Neil Goldschmidt make me a little nervous. I am thrilled that he is actively pursuing jobs for Oregon. Jobs are the most important thing to Oregon right now. If he is actually able to reduce the unemployment rate to 5% by 11/2006, I might overlook his friendship with Neil.

  • cab (unverified)

    I've never was a strong supporter of Kulongoski, but the man has surprised me with his aggressiveness. He has done a good job trying to sell our state and has been a rock on the issue of the over worked Oregon National guard and oregonian deaths in Iraq. I'll take Kulongoski ove Arnold anyday. He's small, but one tough former marine. Arnolds nothing but a steroid swollen empty suit with a few cute catch phrases. Can the Girlie man comments get any more pathetic. Only the right still finds the line funny.

  • Bob.L (unverified)
    <h2>If you think Kulongosky is just friends with Goldschmidt you are really naive just as you are naive that Oregon and Portland are loosing jobs and companies due to policies and taxation burdens brought on by our elected officials, they will be lucky to replace the ones they drive away.Companies from Columbia Sport Wear to Albina Fuel that moved headquarters to Vancouver most receintly. We should perg our city hall's and State Gov't of all these self serving dolts!</h2>

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