Oops! DNC flubs one.

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If you're on the national Democratic Party email distribution list, you've likely just gotten this note in your inbox: "URGENT: 9/12 Voter Registration Deadline for Oregon." Well, that's just plain wrong. The actual voter registration deadline in Oregon is October 12. You've got a month. Of course, there's no reason to wait!

Dig in to past BlueOregon conversations about voter registration:

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    Just three hours later, the DNC corrected itself.... "Earlier today, we sent you an email stating that the voter registration deadline for Oregon was September 12. This date was incorrect. The correct deadline for registering to vote in Oregon is 21 days before Election Day. This year that falls on October 12."

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    So ... that frees up Sept. 12 for other uses. It could be a day to do an open thread for personal 9/11 stories. I got one.


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