Bush Busted by NASA Photo Analyst

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Bush WiredAfter the first debate, there was all that seemingly silly speculation about whether Bush was wearing a wire or an earpiece. Most of it was caused by the odd bulge on his back - and his strange comment "Let me finish!" when he had plenty of time and no one was interrupting him.

Well, now it appears that one of the most respected scientists in the photo analysis field has determined conclusively: Bush had some sort of artificial device under his coat.

NASA's Dr. Robert Nelson, whose day job entails studying photos of planets and looking for craters, he says "Look, I'm putting myself at risk for exposing this. But this is too important. It's not about my reputation. If they force me into an early retirement, it'll be worth it if the public knows about this. It's outrageous statements that I read that the president is wearing nothing under there. There's clearly something there."

See the full photo analysis and read the story at Salon. You'll need to watch an ad for the free day pass, but it's worth it.

Update - sites to check out: bushwired.blogspot.com, isbushwired.com, bushbulge.com

  • Icone (unverified)

    The bulge won't die... It seems to me that the Bush/Cheney campaign would be happy to have this issue disappear. In the final days before the election they (and President Bush) have had to repeatedly explain this "bulge". This "bulge" has been a thorn in their side for 3 weeks now, and they could probably dismiss the whole issue with a REAL, FACTUAL statement, I'm sure they would prefer to discuss their campaign issues. The campaign and the White House have offered statements ranging from the "bulge" doesn't exist, to bad tailoring. Anyone who has seen the photos knows that the "bulge" does exist, and bad tailoring as absolutely not the cause. Its not a bulletproof vest either... they denied he wore one.

    For more info, news, photos, and video GO TO: • THE BUSH WIRED SITE http://bushwired.blogspot.com/


    Icone Bush Wired

  • iggir (unverified)

    they could have blown it off by saying it was a Secret Service comm line in case the president was attacked or some bs and everyone would have left it alone. of course, this administration can't help but lie about or cover-up even the most trivial crap so...

  • bill deiz (unverified)

    Yes as a TV news reporter doing live reports I used an "IFB"...which put an earpiece in my right ear that was plugged into a box that gave me an on-air audio feed of the news anchors--so that I could take my cues directly off the air--and also allowed my producer back at the station to talk to me in the field. We used the system primarily to get our cues from the anchors, live, so that we could do our reports with no awkward pauses between their introduction of us and our own live reports. I also could talk to my producer during the commercial breaks...and if there were a breaking news development that belonged in my report, she could feed it to me.

    So if our esteemed president used such a system, or a variation, it would be no surprise. The technology is certainly available to him as the leader of the free world.

    Next step: Bush will probably lip sync to a pre-recorded tape ala Ashlee Simpson which will work just fine, so long as they play the right tape.

  • political commentator (unverified)


    I did the same experiment here and published it the day before that salon article came out:


    There are instructions there to try it yourself.

    I have spotted 12 instances of a wire - YES 12

    " We have 1 wire, do we have 2?

    Do we have 12?

    An article has now appeared in Salon which corroborates the evidence here.

    View the original large sized images from Cryptome, original feed 1 and original feed 2. In those feeds I have seen 12 separate images, when inverted (instructions below) show the same 'winding ridge' "

  • Pedro (unverified)

    Like Bill Deiz, I have a little experience with IFB and wireless transmitters and recievers used in television broadcasts, live performances and business presentations as a technician. Now I have no idea what is under George's suit coat, whatever it may be it is way to big to be a wireless IFB (interruptible fold back) reciever. If he was wearing one it would easily be concealed in a dozen other places besides inbetween his shoulder blades. Broadway musicals favor the small of the back for performers wireless mics. Besides, Karl Roves answers in a debate won't win an election anyway!

  • political commentator (unverified)

    Is Bush wired AND hiding a health problem?

    Sat. October 30: Just released

    Read the entire article here:

    ........................................ BULGEGATE UPDATE -- http://bulgegate.blogspot.com ........................................

    The "Bulge-gate" news story has gotten a lot of attention, largely being supported by the suspicion President Bush was wearing an earpiece in the debates. To support this theory we have seen a bulge on his back, past evidence of earpiece use, a wire under his tie, and strange speech patterns.

    Bush could be "wired" and also have a health problem because 2 relevant tracks of evidence have consistently appeared. I am going to publish another photo soon to demonstrate that if the Bulge on Bush's back was a communications device, it was big. If it was something else, we need to know what it is.

    I don't suspect many believe it is only a health related issue happening here, I certainly don't. Bush could actually be both "wired" and have had a medical device on, nothing has made this impossible so far, although statistically less likely.

    I wanted to restate the defibrillator case to keep all options alive as long as there is evidence to support it. That increases the chances of important information coming forward.


    Cannonfire (also of note are the articles about potential voter fraud) continues to publish almost daily on the evolution of the Bulge story, noting:

    "The bulge-spotters' argument may be better served if we keep these pictures as far as possible from the Adobe treatment. Any use of Photoshop, however innocent in intention, allows Bush apologists to howl that evil librul hoaxters concocted the entire controversy."

    This is a good point, and as the evidence builds that sentiment will become reinforced. These techniques need to be used carefully and to enhance evidence, not generate it.



    BushWired has updated its extensive archive of links, evidence, comments and news articles. See the latest:



    Finally Chris Suellentrop (deputy Washington bureau chief for Slate.com), is interviewed on WNYC's radio show "On the Media":



    " BROOKE GLADSTONE: So where is most of the coverage of this mysterious bulge coming from?

    CHRIS SUELLENTROP: There was speculation about this in 2000, believe it or not....

    ... BROOKE GLADSTONE: And what's your answer?

    CHRIS SUELLENTROP: I think it's definitely a story to write about [...] I think the press obviously missed the Swiftboat story for a long time [...] I've never seen a, a wrinkle in somebody's clothes that came out as a rectangle. [LAUGHTER] So, you know, I think it's a real question.

    ... BROOKE GLADSTONE: Do you think the internet is helping reporters to get to the bottom of this, or is it having the effect of discrediting the whole story from the outset?

    CHRIS SUELLENTROP: [...] the idea that there was a rectangle on the president's back became obscured by the fact that all these left-wing bloggers were saying "the president is wired," which was sort of a leap unsupported by the evidence, and so then people immediately dismissed the rectangle and said this whole thing is phony; [...] Now, having said that, without them -- would we be talking about it? I don't know. It's a good question.

    ... BROOKE GLADSTONE: So the White House would like it to go away. Do you think reporters would also like it to go away?

    CHRIS SUELLENTROP: Probably. I mean look, I think reporters want to set the agenda and not have the agenda set for them, and for better or for worse, if they feel like they've gotten pushed to this story and they don't think it's worthy of covering, it's the kind of thing they want to go away.


    BROOKE GLADSTONE: [...] Do you find that a lot of mainstream reporters are using the excuse of covering the coverage to cover the story?

    CHRIS SUELLENTROP: That's right. Now it's covering the blogs or covering the buzz on the internet. So you can say well, we're not giving credence to this story -- we're just covering what people are chatting about on line. And some of the people that have sat out the story have said, look, we don't want to do that story. "


    A few days ago photo enhancements exposes a wire leading from the bulge on the President's back, Salon.com has also published on the same topic. Read both accounts here:


    http://bulgegate.blogspot.com (test the theory for yourself!) ...

    Puppetstring has been updated with a comment I grabbed from Colin Green at:


    " If we follow this theory through the bulge would be the receiver/relayer, the wire up the right shoulder is to an inductance loop, perhaps in his collar, and it also looks to me that there is a wire traveling down his back, which would correspond to the wire seen behind his tie. This wire that we can see is actually quite prominent by way of its thickness, say 5mm. Such thickness would only normally be used to convey power - from a battery pack somewhere on his person, to the receiver on his back. Also note that the tie wire disappears into the left hand side of Bush's jacket - the same side as the wire seen own his lower back. "

    Go to and scroll to the bottom:

    Read PuppetString

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