Election News, 3 Days Out

Jeff Alworth

Got a lot on my plate today, so I'll leave you with one fact and one question.

1.1 Million Ballots Already Cast
From the Statesman Journal

The secretary of state's office reported that counties had received almost 1.1 million ballots through Thursday, from 51 percent of registered voters.

With a record 2.15 million Oregonians registered to vote, that meant county election workers were coping with 370,000 more ballots than had stacked up at the same stage four years ago....

County workers earlier this week began removing ballots from secrecy envelopes to inspect them for irregularities. None are run through vote-tallying machines until Election Day.

Osama bin Laden has decided to influence in the election. Will he? How?

See you tomorrow with a fuller update.

  • Randy (unverified)

    I wanted to post in Pat's thread about OBL -- but the comments click-through is not working correctly.

    What impressed me most about the message was its clarity. OBL is absolutely correct that our future is in our hands.

    I don't know what Kerry would do differnelty, but I do know that Bush's track record and stated objectives suggest creation of more terrorists, not fewer.

    The log jam is the Israeli-Palistinian situation. That, more than anything, is what fuels anto-American terrorist activities. And this President has done nothing to resolve that conflict.

    I woud like to see the US far more active in that area of global problem-solving than just about anything else. Does that mean withdrawing US support of some of Sharon's activities? If necessary, yes.

    <h2>Will that bring the Palestinians to the table? I don't know. I just know that I am disgusted with Israel's actions over the past 4 years. I believe it is time for a Palistinian state. Without Israeli or US interference. Period.</h2>

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