From a Costume to a Cause

By Elizabeth Leventhal, of Portland, Oregon. Elizabeth is active with the Oregon Bus Project, working to help elect progressives.

In 2000, an Oregon born & bred law student chose to help a friend win a Congressional seat in Cincinatti.

His friend lost the race, but ever the optimist, this young soon-to-be attorney didn't let that one setback temper his passion for politics or his belief in goodness triumphing over evil, sacrifice over selfishness. So, despite the less than stellar predicted outcome for his friend's campaign, he headed out to knock on doors & get out the vote the Halloween preceeding election night.

The lack of election visibility & general voter apathy, however, upset him. So, in order to counter it, he decided to turn himself into a walking billboard... err, make that 'yard sign'.

From that little idea sprung the inspiration for this Sunday's Trick or Vote.

Trick or Vote is a combination Get-Out-the-Vote Canvass and rocking Halloween party (buy tickets here) Aside from the fun taking place in Portland's backyard, there will be Trick or Vote events all over the country.

Trick or Vote is about celebrating democracy and making it vital again... both here in Oregon & across the nation.

Couldn't we all use a little more fun in our political lives? As well as more meaning in our annual holiday celebrations?

If one person's dream could change the world forever, shouldn't we welcome being the state for dreamers? I know one Oregonian (PDF) who wouldn't have it any other way...

Join the Trick Or Vote crowd canvassing at 2 p.m. on Sunday, or at the after-party featuring Everclear at the Crystal Ballroom at 8 p.m. More info at

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