Missing Blue Oregon

Jesse Cornett

I am in Davenport, Iowa this week (back in Iowa again). I spent the last two weeks in Florida, for a second and third tour of duty there. I’ve also spent time in West Virginia and Ohio. Not to mention my time in Boston for the Convention, since buying a new house in July, I’ve missed eleven weeks of living in it. I guess some people are used to such a lifestyle, I am not one of them.

As some know, I have been working for a certain presidential campaign, doing what we call “advance work,” working specifically for John Edwards events. My next (and potentially last) rally is tomorrow night (and we have Jon Bon Jovi as our entertainment). This work has been fun, for sure, but I can’t wait to get back to Blue Oregon.

I actually still have the opportunity to head back to Boston for election night festivities, the biggest political shindig for another four years. Even though I would have a last chance to see the few great people that I’ve worked with over the past months, returning to Oregon is an easy decision. I just hope they let me into the festivities there, since I have been MIA from Oregon politics recently.

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    FYI - I'll be doing an election night party roundup on Tuesday, but the big party in Blue Oregon will be at the Portland Convention Center. The Kerry camp, the DPO, and most of the assorted hangers-on will finally be able to 'coordinate' with each other on Election Night. (Note: This is NOT the Hilton, the traditional Donkey Stomping Grounds.)

  • Christy (unverified)

    Jesse, The Bus will welcome you with open arms. We will be with the hangers on at the Convention Center.

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    Hey Jesse:

    Work hard this last week in Iowa & wherever else they send you. Make sure John Edwards gets over the 'temptation' to put in one more visit to his home state before E Day (w/the obvious exception of going back to NC to cast his ballot for himself, Kerry, & Erskine Bowles)!!

    I look forward to hearing all about your political travels upon your return to Oregon.

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