Jeff Alworth

Anyone care about the Blazers anymore?  Just thought I'd ask. 

Personally, I'm enjoying that other NW team, led by sophomore sensation Luke Ridnour.  All right, "led" is a little much, but the kid is getting 7 assists (12th in the NBA) and almost two steals (18th) a night.  (But what's up with that hair?) 

Can anyone tell me why the Blazers are more interesting than I think they are?


  • Justin (unverified)

    Gino Carlisle! That's a reason to watch the Blazers.

    I realized after today's Willamette Week article, he's the NBA's version of Rudy. ...if he ever gets to actually play.

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    Because true Oregonian sports fans don't pull for Seattle teams - it contributes to the "Portland is just a suburb of Seattle" syndrome that many major-media sports directors in town suffer from.

    Rooting for the Sonics, for example, even with Rid at point, makes these morons (many of whom are imported from Seattle) think that we'd like to watch Seahawk football and Mariner baseball every season, in spite of other, more compelling games in that timeslot.

    Corollary to this syndrome are afflictions called "Portland would rather watch insignificant teams from California than a battle of division leaders", "Rainier Beach vs. Shadle Park for the Washington 3A basketball championship matters to Oregonians," and "Wazoo basketball must be shown at least three times a season, even if they're oh for 16 in the Pac."

    These complications affect the same population during Seahawk bye weeks, Blazer rest days, and in between Mariners series.

    The infection spreads rapidly across the cable television spectrum, but the source of the cancer can be found on Comcast channel 34, Fox Sports Seattle. It pollutes our cable boxes, and will metastasize into serious conditions like "Fox Sports Seattle buys Blazer TV contract" and "Portland will never get Major League Baseball."

    The resurrection of something like Action Sports Network (except, not owned by Paul Allen), or a new network such as Sportschannel Oregon, (Liquid) Sunshine Sports Network, or the blocking of radio and television signals at the Columbia River, is indicated.

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