Action Alert: Vote Pro-Choice at KATU

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This just popped into the inbox. Hurry up and make a differerence. Vote NO at

Paul DeParrie (an anti-choice activist) is using a web-based poll to lobby legislators on public funding for abortions. A little history on the issue: in the 70s and 80s, Oregonians voted TWICE to uphold state Medicaid money for abortion, despite a federal amendment prohibiting it. This very small stipend has kept the right of choice, and more importantly, access for thousands of poor Oregon women over the decades.

ACTION: Go to KATU and vote NO.

Here's the note from DeParrie:

It is unconscionable to ask all tax-paying Oregonians to foot the bill for child-killing. Let those who want unborn children mercilessly killed put up the money, not decent folk who value life. Oppose State Money for Child-Killing!

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