MSNBC: "Portland, the Heroin Capital of the West Coast"

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At this very moment (11 p.m. Monday night), MSNBC is running a documentary about heroin use and homeless youth in Portland.

Of course, for exactly two seconds at the beginning they had a tiny disclaimer in the corner of the screen -- Originally Aired April 2001.

How the hell can that be responsible journalism? To run a piece that's four years old, with zero updates, zero context, zero additional news about what might have happened (or not happened) in four years?

Whoever's responsible at MSNBC should be fired. It's outrageous.

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    A thought... Since the documentary was done by reporter John Siegenthaler - and the only Portland politico on camera is Erik Sten...

    Hey Erik, how about you pick up the phone and ask Siegenthaler to do a follow-up?

  • Tom Civiletti (unverified)

    Responsible journalism? Turn off the television.

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