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AaroncormanOver at Planet Soccer, Aaron Corman is blogging at a furious pace, ruminating on life in Portland, talk radio, european and american soccer, his job at the town's trendiest new bar, and oh yeah, world peace. Lots and lots of photos, too.

A few snippets from a recent post:

As I got ready for my lunch shift at the Fir, I would catch the beginning of Franken, the one-year anniversary of his show. And those moronic sheep who pretend to be expert consultants said that liberal talk radio wouldn’t work. That’s what they said about Sheila (Hamilton – who’s show I used to produce before she fell victim to zealous patriotism/censorship) a few years ago and that’s the same crap they tried to feed to us about Air America Radio...

...and on the last Thursday art walk on Alberta Street...

I got distracted along the way and looked at my friend Ben’s ornamental leather wristbands that he was selling out on the street. I really wanted to buy one to hipify my somewhat drab wardrobe, but the call of brewed barley and malt was too strong and I had to put off that purchase for some other, perhaps more adventurous day.

...and a moment of panic...

‘Oh my God!!!’, thought. ‘Did I drive off with my computer on the hood of my car? And if so, surely it must’ve been smashed by the weight of a passing car if it was just lying in the road.’ I was practically in tears, freaking out at the certain demise of my favorite companion. ‘That piece of machinery is the nerve center of my universe. Could this possibly be the end of the world as I know it?!’, I wondered as I raced through the crowded, slow-moving streets of the Pearl.

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